Harry Jay Knowles Essay

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Harry Jay Knowles

Harry Jay Knowles is not a celebrity, a director, or a producer, but despite that, he remains a leading authority in the entertainment business. Well, his face may not be recognized by the people, but with what he does for a living, he could either make or break an entertainment project. Harry Knowles can be considered as one of the most respected movie critics that the entertainment industry has today. Whatever he publishes, people will read. Anything he says, people will believe, well, most if not all of them will. However, with his status as an important movie critic, it can’t be helped that some people would also criticize him.

But despite these criticisms, Knowles has nothing less in his mind than to deliver whatever information that he has when it comes to entertainment. He is very eager to share whatever he learns, very much like a child astonished with new discoveries. This can be reflected by the website that he runs, the Ain’t It Cool News (Knowles). Knowles was born and raised in the entertainment world. His family relied mainly on public entertainment for a living, something that Knowles cherished as he was growing up to the man that he is now.

He was fond of reading comic books and illustrated readings, as well as watching bootlegged movies from his family’s collections (Poland). Perhaps as a child, Knowles already knew what he wanted when he grows up. He treasured his experiences during his childhood, using it as a building block for his future career. Looking at this point in his life, we can say that Knowles has a root in the entertainment industry. Even as a child, he was surrounded by things like old movies, comic books, magazines, all available for his consumption.

At that point in time, even though Knowles would just be a young boy, his environment seemed to be pushing him towards the entertainment business. It was when he was bedridden because of an accident that brought him closer to the internet, to his future neighborhood. As Knowles discovers the wonders of information sharing, his appetite for new things in the entertainment world grew. He began writing reviews of movies and of events, until he became recognized by many because of his works. There are many controversies that people seem to stick to Knowles’ name.

Some claim that he’s being paid to make good reviews of some movies, for publicity or just for the sake of attaching his name in the project (Davis). He is an authority in this field; so many people are actually looking to benefit from that. Regarding that, there is no certainty whether he indeed receives payment for doing reviews, but what is certain is that Knowles loves what he’s doing. He seems not to care about anything in this world as long as he’s able to deliver new information on whatever is worthy to talk about. He received various reactions from people, ranging from praises to lawsuits (Ryfle).

He gladly accepted whatever came his way, whether positive or negative. From what I see, Harry Jay Knowles pursued a career as a movie critic not because of the fame or the other kicks that he gets from it. Instead it is more of a passion, a culmination of his life’s works. He likes sharing new things to people, whether it is just a gossip or a full-blown marketing strategy. Knowles is not doing these things in favor of other people; he is doing this to satisfy his wants. Knowles as a movie critic may or may not be paid for his work, but he makes sure to get the job done.

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