Harriet Tubman Essay

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Harriet Tubman

The excerpt from Harriet Tubman- Conductor of the Underground Railroad by Ann Petry tells about the time Harriet Tubman escorted eleven slaves to Canada. To be a successful conductor on the Underground Railway, Harriet Tubman had to be brave, selfless, and determined. First of all, Harriet Tubman was very brave by trying to get all eleven slaves to freedom. Harriet Tubman demonstrated bravery because she had no fear. Harriet Tubman had once made it to Canada and decided to go back to become a conductor to help other slaves become free. She is brave for becoming a conductor in the first place. She knew that if a slave catcher had caught her she would have to get imprisoned or even face death. In addition, Harriet Tubman was selfless because she had always thought about the other slaves.

Even as a small child, she was constantly risking her life for other slaves. Tubman had no concerns for herself what so ever, she only cared for the other slaves. The first time Tubman made it to Canada, she went back to the old plantations. She wanted to help the slaves become free. When traveling with the eleven run-aways, it was hard to leave the warmth of the house. Tubman had to keep on traveling with the run-away slaves for them to make it to Canada, to freedom. Finally, Harriet Tubman was very determined to get all slaves to Canada.

They had many obstacles in their way. They had to deal with the very cold weather conditions wearing the wrong clothing and shoes and no food or shelter. If they were to be seen by anyone they would get caught. So they traveled during the night and slept during the day. At the first stop they had come upon, a man slammed the door in their face. It would have been easy to be discouraged and give up but, Tubman did not let that happen. They kept going on despite the hardships. She even threatened to kill the slave who wanted to go back. She did this because she was so determined to keep the slaves safe and get them all to freedom.

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