Hardware and Software requirements for the DTP facilities needed

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A customer from the GNVQ Sports Brochure Group has actually asked me to produce a document of a minimum of 16 camera-ready copy pages. The GNVQ Sports Catalogue Group is a small sized company that are a mail order business. They offer sports goods like shirts, shoes, equipment for various sports, clothing etc. The last brochure runs out date and they need a new brochure to maintain to date. The catalogue needs to market the company’s items and offer them. The client will pick a catalogue to keep up to offer the items.

The customer desires the following things to be covered in and on the brochure.

The front and back cover needs to look professional. An index can be set out in various methods possibly to search for an individual products or products beneath a category. An order from needs to be put in to the brochure. In the order type information for the customer to fill out should include name, address, Item ID, Product Call, Quantity, Sub Total, Total.

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The client mentioned that 5 orders might just be made on one order type. On the order kind also the information that must be include are the company address, phone and telephone number, postage and package information must be consisted of.

The inside pages of the catalogue have to include the following things. On the pages there need to be the name of the item that is being offered on the page where it is noticeable. Likewise the image of the product ought to be on the page.

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There should be a product description explaining what type of product you are selling. This description needs to consist of the product ID, product name and price. Other additional things that can be included resemble what sizes the product is available in. Hardware and Software application requirements for the DTP facilities required Here I will tell and explain what type of hardware that I need to produce the catalogue.

The reason why I did my draft designs the way I did is because of the following reasons. I picked up three catalogues and I analysed them in the following way. The first catalogue I am going to analyse is the FCUK (French Connection United Kingdom). The theme of this catalogue is beach/casual wear. Front cover The front cover is ok. Parts of a word on the front cover have been split up. In between these large letters it has the company name in red, which is in the centre. Underneath the company name it says “buymail” (hence the fact I got this catalogue by post).

It then has a female model at the bottom of the front cover. Along the bottom it has what season the catalogue is in. Underneath they have the contact phone number and the company email address if you want to email them about something. The phone number is in a red colour also. I think the company put their company name and number in red so it stands out and that the people know where to reach them. When you open up the catalogue it has the following logo. The logo is orange and yellow. This gives a feel of the summer, beaches and warmth.

Underneath the logo is a brief statement. It entails certain things like they comment on the clothes that are further in the catalogue and other things. It then has the company’s email address. Page Layout Throughout the catalogue the page layout is very similar to one another inside. The page layout inside the catalogue is as follows. On the first page it has a picture of a woman. At the bottom left corner it is says “Ladieswear pages 3-28”. On the next page are the products being displayed. The products are sort of in a circle shape and in the middle is another product.

Underneath it has the description of the product. The description underneath the products includes the product name, style number, colour and the sizes it is available in. The products on the page are displayed on a white background. They also have the description underneath the products. This makes the products stand out. The people modelling the clothes on some pages are on a creamy background. They do not have a contents page. But the front-pages before that particular section starts there is a picture of a person and the related product that is being sold on the pages ahead.

It also says how many pages long the section is next to the picture. This may act as a contents page. The lack of good description about the product may be a good thing because potential customers may not want to read lots of detail; they may want to go straight to the product. They also do not have an index. I think this is going to make it a bit hard for the customers to find a specific product they want. I think this because when the person is filling out the order form they might forget a tiny detail about the product and they need to find it quick.

They cannot do that in this catalogue therefore they would have to go through the catalogue to find the product they need. I think having an index in the catalogue is very important because it will make it easier for the person to look for a specific product. Back cover The back cover is as follows. It just has pictures from the beach. It also has the company in short (FCUK) in pink on the back cover. At the bottom of the page it has in the same style writing as the logos on the inside page it says “MEMORIES OF Fcukiki Beach”. This is also in orange and yellow to make it a summer, warmth and beach feel.

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Hardware and Software requirements for the DTP facilities needed

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