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How Was The Social Relationships Of Characters In Hard Times?
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Social relationships vary from marriage, sister and brother relationship to people to relationships in general. First, Mr. Gradgrind always cares around facts and sensible considering, and we do not see him approximately his wife, we see her wife almost detached within the course of the novel. Besides, he raises his children depending on the facts and does not allow them to play or imagine and to have an innocent childhood: “Now, what I want is a fact (Dickens, 1854). He…...
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Two chapters of Hard Times
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  " I feel that this tells us of Gradgrinds feelings of the significance of facts. Dickens uses very descriptive language when discussing the themes and characters in chapter one, for example, we learn all about Gradgrind and also in a way, Dickens opinions of them as well (shown in the way he is described and what he is made to sound like. ) However, we don't know his name or any personal details about him. The dialogue adds a…...
Hard Times
The Satiric Methods in the first two chapters of Hard Times
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Mr Chokumchild questioned the pupils to see the extent of their knowledge. However, the teaching was not based on common sense, opinion or useful information, but instead the hierarchy within the school community had decided to base the children's education entirely on facts. Chokumchild would question the children, "Like a cannon", this simile compares the master to a weapon, " Loaded to the muzzle with facts", ready to shoot out facts and explode all of the opinion and imagination out…...
Hard Times
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The circus in Dickens’ “Hard Time”
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The people in the circus I think the circus are included in the play just to account for the small number of people who are like them and who haven't had their imagination and life taken over by facts. They are colourful and lively, they are described by Dickens as religious as he seems to think they're special, they are also seemed eccentrics and quite weird. They are proved that they aren't normal and have a dysfunctional side as Sissy's…...
Charles DickensHard Times
Essay About Hard Times In Life
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Charles Dickens Hard Times was written in 1842, at the time of a massive educational debate. Charles Dickens had strong views against Victorian education and the way children were taught he felt it reflected the way society was developing. He thought everyone should have equal chances in life and believed education was the foundation of life and it determined the outcome of a person's life. In Hard Times Charles Dickens writes about a system which was strongly influenced by utilitarianism.…...
Hard TimesHuman NaturePhilosophy
Dickens & Hard Times
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Dickens uses an extended metaphor of wildlife throughout his description of Coketown. He creates an image of a jungle of industry, the machinery and chimneys symbolising trees for the 'serpents of smoke' to climb. The connotations are that Coketown is not a safe place to be and that it is full of danger. Dickens goes on to emphasise the devastation caused by the industrial age, saying 'It was a town of red brick, or of brick what would have been…...
Hard Times
In conclusion one of Dickens’ purposes of writing ‘Hard Times’ was to make a social comment about the idea of utilitarianism in the teaching system
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Charles Dickens was a Victorian, sardonic writer who wrote social criticisms about Victorian England. In the first few chapters of 'Hard Times' Charles Dickens is criticizing in particular the education system. Charles Dickens is showing what the curriculum is like through the eyes of Mr. Gradgrind and how the children would react through the eyes of Sissy Jupe and Bitzer. Charles Dickens also uses narrative and speech in different ways in these chapters. Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth on…...
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Commentary on an extract of Charles Dickens’ Hard Times
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Charles Dickens', Hard Times extract focuses on the relationship between a father and daughter discussing marriage during the nineteenth century. In this extract there is the daughter, Louisa, who is discussing her marriage to Mr. Bounderby with her father. She is worried yet excited about getting married. Her Father is concerned yet unaware of what his daughter means to say. This story is told in a third person narrative. The main characters in the passage are Louisa and her Father…...
Charles DickensHard TimesLiterature
Coketown in Charles Dickens’ Novel Hard Times
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This passage has come across a monotonous and dull town surrounded by industrialization. There is no colour, no aesthetic beauty but just buildings and factories that are an eyesore to the whole town. This town was once a nice place and it was a town of 'red brick' but because of all the smoke, dust and dirt it has now all changed to black brick. There is no life left in the inhabitants of the town. They are just servers…...
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Hard Times Analysis
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To what extent do you agree with this statement? Dickens was clearly strongly influenced by many contemporary issues when writing Hard Times, as such, the book has strong political themes which are analysed in detail. We can see in Hard Times that Stephen Blackpool is intended to represent the honest hard-working, working class person. He has no aspirations to be what he is not and is not out to cause trouble. All he wants is to lead an ordinary fair…...
Charles DickensHard Times
Hard Times Essay
Words • 1812
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How does Dickens show his dislike for the education system in Hard Times? What is the effect of this system on Louisa? Does she manage to resist her very utilitarian upbringing? In the novel Hard Times, set in 'Coke Town' written in 1854, Dickens explores his own ideas of the poverty-ridden, factory towns of the 19th century Industrial Revolution. The book is based on family and it also shows the detail of the social standards of the time, poverty, the…...
Hard Times
The circus people in Hard Times
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Difficult Times composed by Charles Dickens in 1848, is often believed to be his most political novel he ever wrote. Difficult Times may have been his fastest piece of work, but it was absolutely his hardest hitting unique as it gives his views on Utilitarianism which specified Victorian Society, numerous suffered from in the Victorian Times. The book is embeded in the Victorian Times which offers Dickens the opportunity to reveal his feelings he has towards life in the Victorian…...
Hard TimesPeople
Explore Dickens presentation of education in Hard Times
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Dickens' presents The Victorian education system in 'Hard Times' in a fundamentally negative method, Dickens' expresses the concept that having an imaginative element to our education is vital. He does this through satirising the education system and mocking the characters. Throughout the novel, it is a function of Dickens being satirical towards the education system. Dickens opens the unique with a satirical description of Thomas Gradgrind and his utilitarian instructional techniques as he teaches the room loaded with trainees "Facts…...
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Hard Times as a Moral Fable
Words • 1902
Pages • 8
The creative part is the fairy tale which often involves animals rather than humans. It speaks to our hearts as it entertains us; the ending is the logical, moral conclusion that satisfies our logical brains and seems "right". The problem with all moral fables is that there are often 2 sides to the same story ... things are rarely so black and white in reality ... so there could be more than one ending ... e. g. here are times…...
CultureHard TimesMoralPhilosophy
Dickens’ Hard Times: His Penchant for Romantic Principles
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Hard Times is a rare example of fiction spun out of very prosaic materials. Yet it possesses certain romantic characteristics of brooding tenderness and deep sympathy for the neglected and the underprivileged which became hall mark of Charles Dickens’ novels. It also displays a grieving melancholy, a mournful reflectiveness and a quantity of self-indulgent sentimentality. The American scholar A. O. Lovejoy argues that “the word ‘romantic’ has come to mean so many things that, by itself, it means nothing at…...
Hard Times
Hard Times
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Hard Times opens with a look at a Utilitarian educational system.  The readers are introduced to a method of teaching that is centered only on facts and nothing else: no imagination, and “unnecessary” information (Hard Times…..2006). Schoolmaster Thomas Gradgrind fully supports the Utilitarian system, and has brought up his children Tom and Louisa ( and their siblings) in this way. Mr. Gradgrind’s longtime pal Josiah Bounderby – a factory owner – is also an enthusiast of Utilitarianism (Hard Times…..2006). Louisa…...
Hard TimesLiterature
Hard Times and Utilitarianism
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“NOW, what I want is, Facts”, and so starts Charles Dickens novel Hard Times which first appeared as a serial publication in 1854. Dickens regularly took inspiration from the prevailing conditions as topics of his writings and proceeds to make social commentaries through his brand of creative fiction. Examples of these are Oliver Twist (Dickens, 1837) and Bleak House (Dickens, 1952). Hard Times was similarly inspired. The novel is mainly a critic of Utilitarianism, the dominant philosophy at the time…...
Hard TimesSocial Commentary ExamplesUtilitarianism
Hard Times: Coketown
Words • 521
Pages • 3
In " Hard Times: Coketown" Charles Dickens is assessing industrialization and the effect it had on the people in the towns in which they resided. Coketown seems to be portrayed as a city of work and not anything else. It is put across that the town consists of only fact and nothing else to alleviate the dullness. Charles Dickens is sharing his analysis on the social issues implicated in this town through a narrative that reflects upon the environment. He…...
Hard TimesTown
Utilitariansim and Dickens’ Hard Times
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Hard Times offers a critique of the Utilitarian ideology from a romantic perspective. Hard Times demonstrates that one cannot reason oneself to happiness, but that relying solely on the faculties of the mind will not fulfill the complexities of the human being. John Stuart Mills, in his paper Utilitarianism proposed the philosophy is "not something to be contradistinguished from pleasure, but pleasure itself, together with exemption from pain; and instead of opposing the useful to the agreeable or the ornamental..."…...
EthicsHappinessHard TimesPhilosophyUtilitarianism
Industrialization in “Hard Times” by Charles Dickens
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The industrial revolution was an era of mechanization. During this era, in 1854, Charles Dickens (1812-1870) wrote Hard Times to comment upon the change within society and its effect on its people. Dickens points out the flaws and limitations of this new society in his eloquent and passionate plea on behalf of the working poor (Charles Dickens Hard Times, 2000). The novel shows presents to readers the authors perspective of life during the nineteenth century and makes comments on the…...
Charles DickensHard Times
“Jane Eyre” and “Hard Times” as Bildungsroman Novels
Words • 2373
Pages • 10
The traditional Bildungsroman novel is autobiographical in form and displays similarities with the author's own life, mostly with regard to childhood experiences. The novel displays a single individuals growth and development within the context of a defined social order. In most cases the protagonist is orphaned and experiences some form of loss or discontentment in order to spur them away from the family home or setting. The education of the main character is another aspect, which is crucial to their…...
Hard TimesNovels
Fact and Fancy in Hard Times
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Discuss the significance of Fact and Fancy in Hard Times with particular reference to Dickens’ presentation of the worlds of Sleary’s circus and Coketown. You should focus closely on techniques used and effects created and how both of these things shape our response, as readers, to the text. Dickens uses a range of techniques to present the idea of the importance of and contrast between Fact and Fancy, such as the settings of the contrasting ‘worlds’ in the novel, imagery,…...
Hard TimesVictorian Novel
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How Was The Social Relationships Of Characters In Hard Times?
...If Boundarby dies, however, shouldn’t Louisa be able to get married? Dickens leaves this matter unclear, though it could be assumed that Boundarby has enough money to pay for a divorce. Third, sissy jupe is a circus girl of salary's circus and a st...

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