Happy workers are creative and productive workers

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Over the past decade there been economic and workplace changes. “The economic growth and correspondingly low unemployment that were hallmarks of the 1990s have begun to give way to an economic slowdown that has created layoffs and rising unemployment. 1 Many firms try to find the way to make “just-in-time workforce” to increase productivity; try to find the way to make employees happy and satisfied in limited work place to increase productivity. Physical work environment can influence internal effectiveness.

In the past employees regularly toiled under adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures, poor lighting, polluted air or cramped workspaces.

This has changed, in particularly by high-tech industries, such as dot-com companies, which have transformed the workplace in recent years, offering their employees signing bonuses, stock options. Nowadays companies have considered the effect of temperature, noise, lighting, air quality, workspace size, arrangement and privacy, to make employees feel safe, healthy and comfortable.

Generally, people who work or study in environment in which temperature is regulated within an individual’s acceptable range, the production level will be higher than those who work in uncomfortable temperature environment.

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Same as noise, in particular, unpredictable noises which also tend to increase excitation and leading to reduce job satisfaction. “Physical working conditions and workspace design does not appear to have a substantial motivational impact on people. In other words, it does not induce people to engage in specific behaviors, but it can make certain behaviors easier or harder to perform.

In this way, the effectiveness of people may be enhanced or reduced”2 Office automation and a proper delegation system will positively affect work effectiveness.

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An optimum workspace directly promotes employees’ satisfaction, and enhances employees’ attitude in work. Attitude affects job behavior, and therefore influence and promote employees’ creativity and productivity. A well-managed communication system can influence employees’ work, creativity and productivity. A good organization and an effective communication network can enhance productivity.

In an organization, employees may come from different backgrounds; for example, “the factory’s 350 employees include men and women from 44 countries who speak 19 languages. When plant management issues written announcements, they are printed in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Haitian Creole. “3 So, clear and unequivocal communication is central in determining an individuals’ degree of perception. Effective communication can directly increase job effectiveness. Most managers are more interested in making employees work harder, to increase productivity, then to enhance job satisfaction.

We can find a large number of employees who are not satisfied in their job. In other words, they do not show great energy and effort in their job. And yet, productivity for many firms has however, increased, as some of these employees are willing to go to extremes of sacrifice in order to keep their jobs. In fact, almost 20 percent of the white-collar workforce spends more than 49 hours a week at work. According to James E. Glassman, senior economist at J. P Morgan “What we’re discovering is that in this early stage of recovery, not only are companies making people work harder, but some people want to.

They’re trying to protect their jobs. “4 In an organization, we can find that more satisfied employees tend to be more effective than less satisfied employees. Job satisfaction can be influenced by remuneration, turnover, and sense of achievement. If you do a good job, you feel good about it, your productivity will increase, and then your pay level will be increased together with probability of a promotion. These rewards, in turn, increase your level of satisfaction with the job. The same is true on the other hand. Organization with rational and formal promotion policies will increase employees’ creativity and productivity.

Employees want fair pay systems and promotion policies, which are based on job demands. Not everyone puts money as his/her first priority. Many people are willing to accept less money to work in a preferred location or in a less demanding job. Finally, good physical working environment and well-managed working environment both influence employees’ performance and positively affect an employee’s motivation. Motivation will directly affect creativity and productivity. A well-motivated employee is a happy employee. So, happy workers are creative and productive workers.

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Happy workers are creative and productive workers

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