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Happy and Succeed Essay

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Most students graduate from high school knowing what they want to persuade in life and accomplish, many other students don’t have a clue about anything they want to do nor persuade so for example, in the article The Pink Floyd Night School by Mark Edmundson, he as many other students after graduating high school didn’t know what he was going to do or study as a career, basically he had no clue of what he wanted. Life experience brought him the knowledge of knowing what he wanted to do in his career life.

Edmundson uses many life experiences, as well as vivid examples to expand his argument of why he thinks students should take time off of school and about a year to just relax and figure out what career exactly do they want. Besides Edmundson taking it slow and his friends moving on to the fast lane of working and studying for good paying job without taking a break after high school, Edmundson took five years relaxing and working.

In the article The Pink Floyd Nigh School Edmundson says, “The culture is on their side when they tell me about law school and med school and higher degrees in journalism and business; or when they tell me about research grant in China or a well-paying gig teaching English in Japan. I’m impressed, sure but I’m worried about them too. Aren’t they deciding too soon? Shouldn’t they hang out a little, learn to take it slow? ” Edmundson is worried about his students taking life way too fast.

Choosing careers without even thinking about how young they are and not realizing that their life is going to move very fast that in a blink of an eye their teenage life will be gone and they wouldn’t have that experience that he had as a teenager freshly coming out of high school of just relaxing thinking very well of what he wants. Recall a saying in life that says “If you work for something you love you will never have to work a day in your life.

If student now take is slow and experience and live life to the fullest think of the long run and what will make them happy instead of looking for something that is financially good for them even if they don’t like it.. These people wont enjoy life and wont have any type of life experience that can change and expand their decisions of careers. Going to a four year college straight out of high school or moving to an other place to get what you want isn’t bad at all but in Edmundson mind your not going to get the life experiences that you can get in the streets inside of a four year college.

Sure you will get the career faster then the other people that choose to slow down but what’s a few year. Life is short don’t miss out in living. Furthermore, Edmundson worked as a Cab driver , Manager at a movie house, crewman on a ship and a doorman in a disco. But his best job was a gig on the stage crew for a rock production company in Jersey City.

Edmundson states, “The most memorable job of all though was a gig on the stage crew for a rock production company in Jersey City…. That could hold 60,000 counting seats on grass I humped amps out of the truck and onto the stages. ” Edmundson shared this vivid example of his life because he loves it and will never forget a memorable loving job that he liked doing. Teenagers these days jump into a carree and then change it in the long run. Or they become parents at a young age that their life pauses because now its not about them its about their child and what is best for them inside of themselves . Their life moves way to fast they get caught up in the moment and don’t take time to relax..

If he would have gone to college he wouldn’t have met nor work on something he liked a lot and it wouldn’t have made him a teacher in Vermont. Edmundson got to live his life and then got to business. He is doing something that he likes and gives him the opportunity of going back in time in his memory of his life flashbacks of when he was in high school and what happen to him when he was young. He gets to tell it to his students and learns something new each year of all the generations he gets to see and talks too of how life was then and how is life now. Don’t let life pass you by.

Everyone can still be successful but taking time off school it will give you a better chance of figuring out what exactly do you want to do for your career and in life. In other words, Edmundson never even thought that his life experience would take him to an education path to get his degree in something that he would enjoy doing. He gets the pleasure of teaching kids but as well as going back in time remembering what he went threw to get to his career. He got to live his life, relaxing and enjoying five years of doing nothing but working. Take life easy and enjoy it. don’t make stress if you don’t have to.

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