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Can I ask you one question? When was the last time you feel you are happy? When was the last time you feel sad? As you answer my question, is it the happiest moment of your life? Do you experience something different? I am Brian, a (2007) student taking up speech communication course. I do feel right now getting nervous and getting the attention of yours to impart my own experience of happiness. I define happiness in various ways. I see it in different perspective. I seek true happiness and it is my ultimate goal.

What is happiness to me? And why is it important to me? Happiness is emotionally feeling good, content, and excited. I remember when I was in third grade, which was the first time my crush noticed me. I felt something different and my heart kept pounding. Happiness meant feeling delightful and satisfaction of oneself. Happiness is the state of being happy, at peace, free, content, and satisfied. Every individual wanted to feel happy more willingly than feel poignant. The importance of being happy reflects when I feel sad.

I choose to live my life happy and it gives me a positive outlook of life. If I’m happy, I tend to share this happiness with someone. In return, I affect the society in part. I tend to tell stories every time I’m feeling good and better. I tell everything, every topic that comes into my mind, may it be my love life, academics, and / or social relationships. Sometimes, I keep on telling my friends about politics, and science advancement in our country. What is true happiness to me? True happiness is different from pleasure. You can be happy but not pleased, vis-a-vis.

Pleasure always goes together with satisfaction. Happiness involves a feeling, more deep than satisfaction. Happiness is the feeling of being content and fulfilled on the things I desire. Pleasure is different from happiness, I may take pleasure on the thing I am doing but I am unhappy. Happiness is an experience not an emotion. I look this idea on different perspective. Happiness is one’s feeling in a situation where I feel happy. Being happy does include both emotion and the cause of that emotion in a particular situation.

In example, I’m always happy when I come together with my friends. Happiness is the state of being happy from the inside reflecting to others. It is an experience of peace and freedom. Happiness is my ultimate goal. I live and plan to be happy. Although I feel depressed in my studies, love life, and family (sometimes), I wanted to smile every day at least once in a day just to comfort my self and ignore those bad things happening to me. I wanted to spend the rest of the day fulfilled and content. I am studying for my future for the reason to be happy.

In the near future, my goal to be a successful person is my motivation to happiness. Unhappiness drives me to be happy. I define happiness through my sad experiences. This is ironic? But, I will only define and differentiate happiness from unhappiness when I experience both. I am often driven by the emotion and I wanted to find solution in my unhappiness. Most of the time, I eat a lot to counter my unhappiness (Gronbeck, et al. , 1985). I often ask myself if I’m happy or not? Every day, I smile for the purpose of removing stress and pressure from my problems.

Whether I am happy through love life, family, and / or friends, what is important is to feel content. I define happiness in different points / perspective. I define my happiness out of my emotions and experience. I define happiness different from pleasure. I delimit the importance of happiness in an individual. Everything is driven out by my goal to be happy. Moreover, my aspiration to be happy motivates me to be successful in the near future. As I defined earlier what meant happiness, I’m happy that I reached the end of speech. I wish you will all be happy at the end of the day.

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