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Happiness Essay

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Nowadays, people talk a lot about happiness; they even write tens and hundreds of books dealing with this concept from a philosophical perspective in order to find its relationship with daily life. Unfortunately, there are always controversies about the nature and origin of happiness: is it health, love, money, job, or success? In fact, happiness cannot be reached as a treasure such as gold or silver because it is more expensive than all that brings you wealth. In other words, happiness can be considered as a diamond in the depths of sea that needs a gifted diver who looks at life from a realistic corner with plenty of hope and enthusiasm.

Sometimes, we just forget that happiness is a sense of inner joy that could be easily reachable by programming our souls and regulating our moods in order to feel happy in every occasion no matter how small it is. In fact, it will be good if people try to acquire the habit of enjoying things throughout their lives by opening minds and taking every single minute to laugh and feel good.

Happiness can be found by reading the beauty of the world through a rose blooming, a green carpet of grass, a child playing innocently, or even a bird singing.

Our misunderstanding to ourselves as humans could be the most dangerous threat to our happiness. We will be happier if we look inside ourselves for innocence and spontaneity because it will be a good start to get back the beautiful smile that we used to have as children. If we look to happiness as a concept, it will be hard to reach; on the other hand, if we look at it as a set of little habits, it will be easily reachable. But this happiness will remain a concept if we do not separate it from pride and vanity.

People all over the world are looking for the source of happiness or sadness, but they could not identify their roots accurately. Human beings tend to believe that happiness will knock on their doors when they achieve success, or sadness will cross their path when they encounter a failure. Unfortunately, life is not that easy. There are many people who feel sadness despite the achieved success and wealth, and there are also those who feel happy despite the failure they are going through.

The real happiness is the nner one that remains with you no matter what failure you have experienced in the process of your life. Maybe money and success make your life easier and more comfortable, but the feeling of happiness is far from being got through the use of external things. The road to this attractive concept is mainly based on the inner ability of human to control and guide their souls throughout their good and bad experiences in life. The psychologist Ed Diener states when describing happiness: “Happiness is a combination of life satisfaction and having more positive emotions than negative emotions. (Diener, Chapter 1).

When talk comes to happiness, people always associate it with getting what they think they want from life. In my point of view, happiness can be reached not because we get what we want, but because we concentrate our focus on what we get while forgetting about the rest of things we still need. At this point, happiness gives you the initial step to start your path to be happy, and it is your choice to pursue this feeling or just stop it on the road and kill your joy by negative thoughts.

In fact, happiness depends on the human personality because of the simple reason that some people have tendency to look at the empty half of the glass without taking in consideration that the other half is full. At this stage, people have to take a moment to relax and remember that their glasses are half full, and they just should enjoy their happiness the longer they can. Thus, by changing our view of life we can feel happiness as long as we are alive, because life is not worth feelings such sadness and fear.

To conclude, we may be happier when we realize that happiness is not a package that comes from the sky, but a moment when we should enjoy what we have and chase all what gives us feelings of fear or negative emotions. Because happiness comes from the inside, we should build a strong foundation on which we can count to achieve external goals. This way, we will be able to enjoy our present and build our future far from troubles that stop us to take risks and accept their results.

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