Handset Alliance Project Essay

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Handset Alliance Project

Abstract For years, technology has been gaining importance in the lives of people. Transport devices are made faster and more environment-friendly. Various communication gadgets are made smaller, all of which are vital parts of bridging gaps and distances made by nature. Storage tools for computer files grow smaller, too, starting from the 5-inch floppy discs, CD-ROMs, and flash discs. Even if they are smaller than their ascendants, these phones, cars, and discs prove to be better and more viable in the ever- and fast-changing world.

Also, the Internet, which connects every person to any link available to the world with just one click of the computer mouse, is made more affordable; almost everyone with a computer can have access to it. It is not surprising that booming technology-focused companies make developments deemed vital for the ordinary layman. A new phone is set to hit the markets—and the hearts of the tech-savvy. Who would have thought that the unlimited access brought to you by Google is now accessible via the ordinary cellular phone?

This paper focuses on the new T-Mobile G1 Phone with the latest Android Operating System and the Accelerometer, a movement and direction sensor. With the release of this new breed of phone, the primary focus is the behaviors of those who will have use it. The G1 Phone G1 can be classified as Internet enabled smart phone. The software for the phone is contributed by Google . Its Hardware is provided by High Tech Computer Corporation based in Taiwan. The mobile is powered by Android is the first amongst its kind to implement this platform. Hardware Display : The phone comes with a 3.

2 inches touch screen and high resolution 480 x 320. Though a better pixel density its only limitation is the absence of automatic brightness control . CPU : The heart of G1 is a dual core MSM7201A. It has added functionalities for 3G and graphics processing. Keyboard : The phone features a complete sliding QWERTY keyboard. In additional there are navigational keys for home,menu, back, make/receive calls and a trackball to facilitate selection. Audio: With an acceptable sound quality the phone works well with both earphones and speaker phones. It supports all major audio formats like mp3, WAV, Ogg, Mpeg, real media etc.

Camera : The phone supports 3. 2 Mega Pixel built in digital camera . It comes with auto focus. The camera however is equipped only for still photography with no support for videos. Storage : the phone comes with an internal memory of 256 MB. It comes with a micro SD slot with expandable memory up to 1GB. Battery : The phone comes with a rechargeable battery with talk time up to 5 hours Accelerometer : G1 comes with a build in accelerometer for improved motion sensing. Software Android OS: Android is a software package which consist of operating system and other applications.

It was developed by the Open Handset Alliance. Some prominent features of Android includes application framework for managing components, web browser based on WebKit engine, Web browsing, Graphics supporting OpenGL ES 1. 0, SQLite for data storage and management, coupled with enhanced blue tooth, WI-FI, EDGE, 3G, GSM, GPS, Camera functionalities. The free and open source nature of the software has contributed to rapid development of the operating system and an increasing number of applications being developed for the system . Java: Java still is the first choice of many Android application developers.

However the applications cannot be run directly on G1 and need to be compiled before running on Android. Google Applications The phone comes pre installed with various Google applications like Chrome : Although G1 has not recognized its web browser as Chrome it works on the same WebKit engine as the chrome. So one may expect almost same functionalities from the browser as Chrome. The browser functions well with good support for zoom, scrolling and tabbed browsing. Map : G1 come with web mapping service called Google maps. The best part is the Google map is also integrated with other applications like mail, messenger and the web browser.

However there are a few issues of Map with GPS which needs to be resolved. G Mail : The G1 comes with two mail application separately for G Mail and other email accounts. Both the applications however seem to share the same source code . The G Mail is reported to function extremely well on the android platform. There is also provision for push email and notification at the status bar. Again the G Mail like Google Maps is integrated with other applications. Calendar: G1 comes bundled with Google calender to facilitate scheduling. It also supports events and set up reminders and notifications.

Google Talk : It is the instant messenger bundled with G1 and has all the functionalities of the desktop application. It supports real time chat, Status notification and even conference chat. The G1 also comes with VoIP support. Annotated Citations Tele Atlas® Map Data (2008). “T-Mobile G1 with Google. ” Retrieved on November 4, 2008 from http://www. t-mobileg1. com/ This is the official site of the T-Mobile G1 with Google. The website gives the consumers an overview of the phone in view of its features and capabilities. Miller, M. (15 October 2008).

“Review: Over 260 images and 5 videos of the T-Mobile G1 Google Android device. ” Retrieved on November 4, 2008 from http://blogs. zdnet. com/cell-phones/? p=179 This webpage is a weblog featuring a review of the Google phone Price, C. (15 October 2008). “Review: T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) – The First Google Android Phone. ” Retrieved on November 4, 2008 from http://www. phonenews. com/review-t-mobile-g1-htc-dream-the-first-google-android-phone-5013/ This weblog features a review of the Google phone, with an overview of the hardware and software specifications and its edge against other phones.

Android – An open Handset Alliance Project (25 September 2008). “What is Android ? ” Retrieved on November 25, 2008 from http://code. google. com/android/what-is-android. html This is android website which gives in depth information about the android platform development project. Google Mobile -Android (2008), “Explore the world’s first Android-powered phone, the T mobile G1 ” Retrieved on November 25, 2008 from http://www. google. com/mobile/android/ A Google android blog with information of Google applications on G1

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