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Hands on projects Essay

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An inventory specialist in the Manufacturing and Operations Department needs to determine what file systems are mounted on his Linux computer because he is not sure that the DVD/CD-ROM drive is properly mounted. Explain the steps he should use to determine the mounted file systems, and also note which file system should be mounted for the DVD/CD-ROM.

To determine what file systems are mounted on his Linux computer, first he must access the command prompt or open a terminal window.

Once there, type “mount” to see which file systems are actually mounted. Here he would check to see if his DVD/CD-ROM drive is properly mounted, and being recognized. The file system that should be shown would be iso9660. 4-3

A new computer has just been purchased for the accounting manager. The company purchased the computer without an operating system because they already have extra licensed copies of Windows 7. They ask you to set up the computer. What Windows 7 file system do you implement; recognize that the accounting manager needs a system that can be secure? Explain your decision and briefly discuss the advantages of this file system.

Also, the accounting manager asks you to set up the preliminary folder structure to contain: Accounting reports

Explain where you would set up this folder structure and show how you would name the new folders. NTFS, being the most dominant Windows file systems, allows for longer file names, better file compression than FAT versions, and has Built-in security features. For security, NTFS is equipped with security features that meet the U.S. governments’ C2 (high-level) security specifications. For the file system, depending on how often he may use these, it could be put in the “documents” folder, or placed on his desktop.

With the given titles, I would label the folders as they’ve been said, just to make things easier for the manager.

Tasty Freeze has just hired a new person who is training to be a Windows Server administrator. She has worked with computers in many capacities, but has never managed a Windows Server 2008 server. You are asked to train her and as part of the orientation to Windows Server 2008, you decided to give her a background in the advantages of its file system. Create a short report that you can give her that summarizes the advantages you discuss in your training.

Windows Server 2008 uses the NTFS V. 3.1 file system. Some of the basic features incorporated into NTFS include: Long filenames, Built-in security features, Better file compression tan FAT, Ability to use larger disks and files than FAT, File activity tracking for better recovery and stability than FAT, Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX support, Volume striping and Volume extensions, and Less disk fragmentation than FAT.

Allowing for many security setups, and larger files to be stored/used on the computer, NTFS is a large improvement from previous FAT versions. Also, files can now be compressed by more than 40 percent, saving vital disk space for other needs! 4-5

The Windows Vista computer used by a copywriter in the Marketing Department is experiencing some problems. Each time the copywriter accesses certain files, he sees an error message. He is concerned because these are files to be used for an upcoming catalog that will go into print soon. Explain the steps to take in order to fix these files.

There are multiple possibilities that could have occurred here. First, it would be wise to check if the system has had their file system updated recently. Perhaps he was not re-added into the administrative list, and does not have access to those files. However, there could be an issue with the files instead. If there were no updates to the file system recently, I would then advise him to try the files on another computer. If they’re still not working, I would advise him to run a check disk to attempt to fix his broken files.

To do this, he would need to access the command prompt, type chkdsk, then allow the computer to detect and fix the broken files. (Another way to do this is by going to Start, clicking Run, and entering chkdsk.) If his files are not yet fixed, it would appear that he has lost them, and should being to re-make them. Always make multiple copies of your work, and store them in different places!

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