Hammurabi’s Code: You Be the Judge Essay

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Hammurabi’s Code: You Be the Judge

Reflection Questions

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

How does class affect the type of punishment given based on Hammurabi’s Code? The more important you are the worse the punishments get.

Do you think Hammurabi’s Code is a good set of laws? Why or why not? I think that it isn’t a good set of laws because most of the punishments aren’t fair and maybe one thing could have been an accident but their punishment would be death.

Why was Hammurabi’s Code important for the development of civilization? It was important because this was their way of living.

Would you want to live in a society where a set of laws like Hammurabi’s Code was used? Why or why not? No I would not want to live in a place like this because it is to cruel and then you would have lots of bad or scary people living there because the people might not be happy with their punishment and take it out on every one who lived there.

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