Hamlet With Mel Gibson

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How were they described in the book? Did they look the way you thought they were going to in the movie? Gertrude is quite different from the book to the movie. Gertrude is more mature I think in the book and less mature in the movie. Other than that the descriptions are pretty accurate to me. Most of the characters were okay but the one that was the most accurate was Hamlet he was exactly the same for the book/play to the movie/film.

Additions: What did they add to the movie that wasn’t in the book? What was in the book but wasn’t in the movie? The opening scene with the guards seeing the ghost of King Hamlet. Ophelia tells her father that Hamlet is crazy for her instead of the movie where her father spies on her and figures it out. In the book, Gertrude puts a hairpin in her husband’s coffin.

King Hamlets Funeral was the opening scene instead of the guards seeing King Hamlet’s ghost.

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Ophelia’s father spies on Ophelia instead of her telling him in the book. The movie shows the crazy in Hamlet for Ophelia. Instead of Gertrude putting a hairpin in her husband’s coffin she is crying and grieving for her husband. Deletions: What was deleted from the movie? Was there anything in the movie that should have been in the book? In the movie, there was King Hamlet’s funeral. In the book/play, Ophelia tells her father that Hamlet is crazy in love with her.

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The movie never shows the scene when the guards saw the ghost of King Hamlet.

Instead, they only tell us when Horatio is talking to Hamlet about the ghost. The movie also never show the watcher that Fortinbras makes himself king instead of Hamlet-like king Hamlet asked Fortinbras to do. They kind of cut out Horatio because he is a minor part of the movie. In the movie instead of Ophelia telling her father about Hamlet’s crazy obsession the dad spies on them and finds out. Relationships: How did each genre portray the relationships between the characters? Was the movie accurate in the portrayal? In the book the relationships are varied from love, madness, and revenge.

The movie was accurate in there portrayal from love to madness and revenge. Theme: What themes were present in each? Which was portrayed the strongest? Madness, Love, and Revenge was portrayed in the book. Revenge is portrayed differently in the movie because he isn’t at war he is trying to get back at people for his fathers death. But Love and Madness are still present. The movie portrayed the themes stronger because the movie you can see the actions of the character. I preferred the Movie version of this story, because: The movie version I can see the actions of the characters clearly even though they left many things out they did a good job at portraying the character for what they are.

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