Hamlet vs Lion King Essay

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Hamlet vs Lion King

Some may say that Disney’s the Lion King is a children’s version of Shakespear’s Hamlet. There are many similarities and differences. In the very opening scene of the Lion King Mufasa, the king of the pridelands confronts his brother Scar. This is similar to Hamlet, shortly after Hamlet visits his mother and kills Polonius, there is a meeting between him and Claudius. Both of the kings visit their sons and give them advice that sets them into action. Mufasa appears to SImba in the stars and tells him to take his place as king. Hamlet’s father appears as a ghost and tells Hamlet to take revenge on his uncle.

Another similarity is both families are royal families. The uncles are also very similar. In the Lion King Simba has an evil uncle named Scar. Scar is jealous of his brother because he wants to be king, so Scar kills his brother and becomes king. Hamlet has an uncle named Claudius who becomes king by killing his brother also. Both have close relations ships with people. The Lion King, Simba develops a close relationship with Timone and Pumbaa, along with those two he has the love of his life Nala. In Hamlet, Hamlet’s friend is Horatio, one of his good friends from college. Hamlet’s love interest is Ophelia.

Another similarity is that both princes end up leaving. In the Lion King Simba runs away because Scar tells him too, so he can become king. Hamlet’s Uncle convinces him to go to England. Both of them are sent away to be killed, but neither of them do. Both Movies the princes end up fighting their uncles. Simba fights Scar who is killed by the annoying hyenas. Hamlet kills his uncle with a sword that is poisoned. Last, both Simba and Hamlet have to overcome a decision. Simba has to learn not to run away from his fears and step up and take his place in the world. Hamlet had to decide whether or not he should kill his uncle.

The differences between the Lion King and Hamlet are that Simba was young when his father died and Hamlet was probably in his mid adulthood. Another is that Simba’s mother and Scar never get married after Mufasa’s death, but Hamlet’s mother marries Hamlet’s mother. In the Lion King there was a happy ending when Simba and Nala get married and have a baby, where as in Hamlet there was not such a happy ending because Hamlet and Ophelia never get married because they both die. In Hamlet a lot more people die than in the Lion King where Mufasa and Scar die. And of course to finish it off the Lion King has lions, whereas Hamlet has humans.

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