Hamlet 7 Soliloquies

Categories: To Be Or Not to Be
“O, sullied flesh would melt”
1.2 wants to take his own life; world is a bad place; mother did not grieve for long enough and married too quickly

“O, all you host of heaven”
1.5 hamlet says he will remember the ghost and keep his promise of revenge; mad because his mother and claudius are evil but can smile

“what a rogue and peasant slave i am”
2.2 unsure whether or not to kill claudius; says that he will wait to find more evidence; beating himself up for being a coward; player shows more emotion than him

“to be or not to be”
3.1 good or bad to end his life; applies to ALL; scared of life after death; says death escapes life like sleep; undiscovered country

“tis now the very witching time of night”
3.2 hamlet will speak to his mother with daggers but not actually hurt her

“now might i do it pat now he is praying”
3.3 wants to kill claudius but doesnt want to kill him when he is praying, only when he is sinning; needs to kill him when sinning so that he will go to hell not heaven

“how all occasions do inform against me.

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.thoughts be bloody”

4.4 hamlet admires fortinbras for avenging his father when he has not yet gotten revenge; hamlet decides he must only focus on the revenge of his father from now on

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Hamlet 7 Soliloquies

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