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Drama Section- Did you find the dramatist using different types of tension in the play in order to engage and hold the audience? (How was tension used in Hamlet)? -(Dramatic Irony) Some characters know and others don’t this allows for many different plots to be going on at the same time during the play. Claudius’s’ claim for the throne, and to be accepted by the state of Denmark, Hamlets revenge under a “(antic disposition)”, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s spying to find out the Reason for Hamlets revenge.

-Soliloquys are our only method of understanding and knowing what certain characters are thinking and intentions. (How hamlet is mad and we begin to doubt ourselves which is when tension comes in, When he handles Ophelia roughly).

-Setting Tension, Denmark and Poland tension in a warlike situation Expand -Context Religious (Ghost) Expand -Hamlet Gertrude Claudious Conflict when theyre all together on the stage at once. What for you was the most riveting or satusfyign moment in the play? Can you account for how the playright managed to achieve it? -Act I Scene I, When the apparition of the ghost first appeared. It was achieved because at the time the religious beliefs of the society where deeply ingrained into the minds of the people. When coupled with a tense relations between Denmark and Norway at the time which directly reflects (mirrors) the situation of Europe at the time. (Cannon fire) Having this knowledge beforehand and making these links left me really satisfied. You can basically imagine how a Elizabethan society would react to this.

Strengths and weaknesses of Hamlet and the effect of these on the play? -Youthfulness in how he reacts with other characters in the play. Mood swings Expand -Quest to not kill claudious but to discover the truth prior to avenging his father. Constantly delaying it ( Internal conflict) allowing us to empathise with him Expand -Ability to play with words and to attack (verbally) those who oppose him. Such as Polonious and R&G. Expand -Full of contradictions.

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