Hamilton Versus Jefferson Essay

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Hamilton Versus Jefferson

The differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were certainly profound. Hamilton in general was more eloquent, a centralist, some may even call him a monarch-sympathizer. Thomas Jefferson was anti-federalism, pro-state authority, and overall down-to-earth. These two men have created the types of ideologies the modern two-party system operates by, despite George Washington’s warning of such division.

Alexander Hamilton was one of the vigorous advocates of ratifying the constitution in replacement of the Articles of Confederation that did nothing to form a single currency, a strong economy, or a proper domestic security, in wake of the Shay’s rebellion. Thus, Alexander authored the majority of the federalist papers, which urged for a more central government. Hamilton wished for a stronger economy based on national encouragement through a national bank, a single currency, and tariffs to protect American industry.

He also wanted a central government to assume all state-debt by creating a permanent national debt through the continuing sale of bonds. In this way, the states would be subservient to the national government. In contrast, Thomas Jefferson became an adamant figure in the opposition party, the Republican Party. This party felt that the federalists were attempting to establish another tyranny to rule the states.

Thus, the party was in favor of state’s rights and anti-federalism. Jefferson himself was not opposed to a strong national economy but was fearful of massive urbanization and government centralism. He believed the heart of the American economy was the independence of the agrarian life. That farmers ought to be the heart of America competing in a free-market both nationally and internationally.

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