Hamburger Universities Essay

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Hamburger Universities

As of today, we have seven Hamburger Universities (HUs) around the world. They are state of the art training centers for restaurant employees and corporate staff. Since its inception, Hamburger University training has emphasized consistent restaurant operations procedures, service, quality and cleanliness. The curriculum is comprehensive, thought-provoking and the perfect foundation for building a successful career.

The fact that our Oak Brook Campus Hamburger University is the only restaurant company training academy awarded college credit recommendations by the American Council on Education (ACE) is indicative of the value Hamburger Universities bring to our system and our employees. ACE recommendations mean that credits earned at Hamburger University can be applied toward a college degree. 100% of the restaurant manager and mid-management curricula are eligible for a total of up to 46 credits – approximately two years of full-time college study.

Over the years, McDonald’s Malaysia sent its Restaurant Managers to Hamburger Universities located in the United States, Australia and Korea. In mid-2006, we officially launched the McDonald’s Leadership Institute, a virtual learning community with guidance and resources to support and develop employee leadership and talent. It gives McDonald’s leaders opportunities to grow and develop through structured learning with other leaders, to participate in challenging development experiences and to access a wide variety of development tools and best practices resources.

The Leadership Institute helps them develop critical leadership skills needed to address major short and long-term business challenges that are affecting the corporation. Under the auspices of the Institute, accelerated leadership development programs for high-potential directors and officers are offered annually across all areas of the world. As the end of 2007, 184 employees from 43 countries had participated with more than 40% of those who graduated receiving promotions.

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