Hamburger and Perfect Party Food Essay

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Hamburger and Perfect Party Food

I hate when my stomach feels so empty. The growling and tightening of my insides drives me insane. The only thing on my mind at the time is food. Anything else doesn’t matter. My three favorite foods are chicken, burgers, and last pizza. You can’t go wrong with chicken. It goes with many sides such as corn, potatoes, or fries. Fried chicken is the best because it makes the skin so crisp and crunchy. If I had to choose out of my top three foods chicken would most likely be number one. Second choice that I have named is burgers.

The best hamburgers are the ones that come straight off of the bar -b- que pit. Usually for summer we always have burgers because they are the easiest things to make and they also go well with birthdays or holidays. The lettuce, ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, etc. all make the hamburger so delicious. Last we have pizza. My favorite type of pizza is pepperoni because it is so good. If I have to choose any other toppings I would choose meat lovers because it’s all different types of meat on one pizza.

They seem to be the perfect party food because I usually order them when I don’t feel like leaving the house or when my friends and I are having a small get together. What would we do without food? Having a nice full stomach makes you happy and it also gives you energy. Food will always be something that I will cherish in life, especially my favorite three that I mentioned earlier in my essay. Food is a very important thing and I have lots of other favorites.

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