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Moniza Alvi's Poem

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Essay, Pages 3 (633 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (633 words)

The poet felt nostalgic for the whole scene. The sheets are graphically described with all the posters covering the walls such as “banners for Miss India 1993”. A high beat of music is detected in the alliterations “curtain cloth and sofa cloth canopy me “. The process of hennaing takes a long time. We have a contrast between “the furious streets” at first, and how they turned calm and “hushed” as the night advanced. Here we have a very elaborate personification.

As the poet describes to us how the henna picture “will fade in a week” this is symbolic to memories which fade away.

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We have a note of sadness here as she felt nostalgic for the magic – like memory and as she wished it would never go away. Yet, unfortunately, every thing is sulyict to fading away and dying out. The poet ends her poem with nostalgia showing us how she will always seek this exciting and intriguing memory whenever she reads about India in the papers.

An interesting poem with an interesting message.

In our lives we encounter strange and memorable experiences which we nostalgically seek from time to time. The second poem of my choice about the theme of nostalgia is “Piano” by D. H. Lawrence. Lawrence here is nostalgic for his childhood years when he used to enjoy a happy and peaceful kind of life. A poem about the magical time of childhood and the enchanting world of music. The poet wrote this poem after being inspired by the lovely song of a woman.

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The poet starts his poem by describing an action at the present time “softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me”.

Right away he draws before us a wonderful picture with all its graphic details. We feel his nostalgia as we are transferred with him to the magic world of song and music. He gives us a relaxing mood by using words such as “softly”, “dusk” and “singing”. The sensuous poet succeeds in making us see the picture with him and hear the gorgeous song engaging both our sense of sight and that of hearing. The poet felt nostalgic as the song of the lady seemed to transfer him to the enchanting world of childhood.

“Taking me back down the vista of years”. We are softly taken with him to the roads and pathways of the past engraved in his memory. Similarly, in Moniza Alvi’s Poem, she transfers us to the Indian bazaar for which she is nostalgic. Lawrence shows us how he was fascinated as a child by the magical sound of music: “till I see a child sitting under the piano”. The sensuous poet engages our sense of hearing to the utmost extent by his usage of words as “boom” and “tingling”.

He tries to convey to us the echoing sound of music all around him as a child and how he was marveled in relishing it. The onomatopoeia in “boom” is quite impressive making us hear the musical echo with him. The sensuous poet here makes full use of the auditory images. Similarly, “An Unknown Girl” reveals to us how its poet is sensuous engaging our sense of hearing with her use of remarkable auditory images such as the alliteration in ” hennaing my hand ” adding music of nostalgia and ” stare with their western perms adding eerie music to the poem.

Lawrence is immersed in nostalgia as he describes his childhood memories with graphic details. Still the effect is very delicate and evokes all relaxation and pleasure in us. We almost see his lovely mother “pressing” her “small, poised feet” on the lower parts of the piano. When we are informed that she “smiles as she sings” we again feel the poet’s nostalgia for happy family life.

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