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Hairstyles of the 90’s Essay

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90’s was the times when the look of the world calmed down a little, from the hippie stage, hip-hop, and dont forget fight the power, At this point, the people started feeling a sense of individuality. This where materialistic things were less important and looking outside the box was okay to pursue. A simple hairstyle started being just enough for people. Hairstyles in the 90’s had a lot of impact on how people viewed themselves, and gave a boost of confidence.

This time period had so many hairstyles, so its hard to pinpoint just 3, so ill just put them in 3 categories but describe the many differences. Back then hairstyles were presented in many shape, color, and size. The first unique style is of the 90’s, is called the bob or short cut. This style was very significant in this time, its often worn more by our females but occasionally men do try it as well. The bob is sometimes called a shortcut because its typically cut straight around the head at about the level of the jaw-level, sometimes with a bang and a middle part down your head.

It complements very well with flips going all around and different colors that sets with your skin tone. It can be cut in many different ways like, a pixle cut, a one-inch cut level, or an asymmetrical cut. Many artist like Cyndi Lauper, a famous singer, and as well as Tionne Watkins, better known as t-bos the singer from TLC delivered the image of the bob very well.

Although, the bob had its high and low peak in the year, another hairstyle that also brought light to our women eyes, majority our African American women, were braids. Some may even call braids a break from hair styling for a couple of months or so. Once you put them in your hair, you have no worries of combing it every morning or thinking it will mess up. In the 90’s it was popular due to the fact the women used it in many styles from movies, tv shows, and even music videos. Braids came in many style and sizes, if you wanted to get technical or jazzy , it also came in color. They had styles from box plaits, poetic justice plaits, which was named from a 90’s movie starring Janet Jackson and 2Pac, we also have cornrows, that was mostly worn by our men, for example, rapper and honored recorded label company founder Maurice Young, better known as Trick Daddy Dollars. We continued with designed braids like zig-zags braided into a mohawk and more. They even had plaits cut into a bob form to keep stylish and simple. Braids made way for creativity. Some were long that met up with your booty, and some designed to look like its telling a story on your head.

This was a real movement for the women that were perm-free natural and hair that was just too thick to keep in styles. It was a plus for their growth and stylish needs. Braids made a statement for both women and men, our men created their way of style that was comfortable for them with braids. Last but not least, a hairstyle that looked weird but was very fashionable in this time, raver buns, that was were also called hair knots. They look like something aliens would use as antennas on their head but did make an interesting fashion statement. Pop star’s like Gwen Stefani in the 90’s wore these buns to concerts and on videos. Many wear them messy, very small so theres a couple to look at, and some wear it big where attention was always captured. As also called hair knots, its often worn with natural hair and pinned in tight.

This was the time when being different was more than ready to commence. Many people view hairstyles as an important as the clothing you wear. In this case while your trying to match and look cute with clothing, a hairstyle is made to match with your body and personality. Both situations can be very time consuming. Hairstyles can be very debatable and hard to understand, especially for my females. Some females sometimes want to try something new and end up creating hairstyles that we today style all the time. Theres time when women gets fed up and start thinking like my men, hair is hair it will always grow back, so they cut, trim, or even go bald and all. As the season changed, the hairstyles change as often they can. This what the 90’s made clear of how hairstyles can be more than just a style.

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