Guns in School Essay

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Guns in School

There should be no guns in class room. Because it may cause more violence in the school and cause more school shootings. Kids may find the gun and use it against others. Also some younger kids may feel threatened with a gun in the class room. However assuming that any teacher and kid would not go on a killing spree yes it could be a good idea, but considering most school shooting are caused by children/teens it is not a logic idea. We do not need more guns in schools I personally think that we need less guns in schools these days.

There is no valid reason for there to be guns in schools unless it is owned by a police officer. Guns in schools lead to negative things and it should not happen. Say you have a fresh-faced, doe-eyed new teacher, 22 years old and starting their first day as a teacher. Now you’ve handed them a firearm and tell them that they have to have this gun with them at all times. Now the teacher might have a background with guns and be OK with that, but maybe they don’t.

Perhaps they’re one of these ‘pansy liberals’ that get so much flack in the circles that think they should be armed. Well this teacher now has to make a decision, should they carry a gun on themselves and be forced to keep the student at arms length, thus hampering the learning environment, or should they simply let a multitude of kids get right up against the weapon? Well obviously we shouldn’t be giving kids the opportunity to get at the weapon, and we don’t want to hamper the learning experience, so let’s give the teacher a gun safe to put it in.

Now a few months pass and this safe is opened once or twice to check on the gun, because after all gun violence is still very minimal in the US despite what people on FB might shout. However this safe has to be readily available so that the teacher can get to it in times of emergency, but that means it’s also readily available to curious and mischievous kids too. A kid will find a way to get into any locked compartment if they are determined to. Anyone who thinks this isn’t the case hasn’t been around kids. So now we have a kid with a gun, maybe the kid shoots a friend, maybe themselves, maybe the teacher.

The point is this policy introduced the capability for gun violence. Now of course you can argue that ‘good’ kids wouldn’t do this. And maybe you’re right, but the schools that people always say are most in need for this sort of thing (impoverished, urban, etc) are also those that have the highest amount of children with various mental and behavioral disabilities. If you really think that it is a good idea to bring a gun into a classroom to ‘protect’ students, you haven’t been in a classroom in a long time, or you’re still an ignorant child.

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