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Gun Control – the right solution?! Essay

Essay Topic:

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Is gun control really the right solution to gun abuse? Will this really be effective? Will the American society be safer when guns are banned? Though there are many questions, there is only one answer: NO!! Liberals have tried to argue that banning guns from civilians is the best way to solve this problem. However, this is not the right way to solve this problem for many reasons:First, to get facts straight, guns do not kill people; people kill people 100% of all homicides are committed by people.

Secondly, banning would only leave criminals with guns, since they obtain them illegally anyway and law-abiding citizens would have no means of protection.

Criminals now are committing less violent crimes that have minimal contact with people, knowing the fact that they might own guns, so if guns are banned criminals would commit more violent crimes. Banning guns would give the government complete control over the people, by stripping them from their natural rights.

Lastly, guns have caused more benefit than harm. According to statistics, in 2005 gun ownership by citizens had stopped 2 out of 3 rapes. The majority of people want gun ownership, polls in 2006 have shown that about 86.25% of Americans do not want guns banned.

Second, guns mostly used by law-abiding citizen have mostly been used for self-defense. Mr. Thomas Harrison, 60, says One time a robber broke into our house and tried to molest my daughter fortunately I got my gun from my drawer and popped a cap right into his knee. Guns are weapons of oppression, if guns were banned only oppressors would have guns and the oppressed would even be more miserable. The founding fathers of this nation have made the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment; the same founding fathers who set up a government that still runs and functions as they envisioned.

These founding fathers died and sacrificed themselves for the American people so that they keep their natural rights and now these so called liberals want to change this right just because they think its harmful. If the American people actually let them do this what else, would the government try to extort from the peoples natural rights?Third, the problem with guns is that people are not ethically and morally behaved. If schools educated their students about guns and their consequences, most shots might not have been fired. Second, if parents were more responsible keeping weapons away form their children, and raised their children in the proper and right way, Americans would probably not have these problems.

Guns should not be banned instead, they should be hard to find and obtain. Though this might sound strange, bullet, and shell prices should increase so that they are not affordable. Furthermore, background checks should be more thorough, and gun purchasers should take a safety course and be officially certified by the government. In addition, bulletproof vests should be more available for workers in banks and other work places where valuables are stored. Moreover, schools should start teaching students how to cope with life, so that the new generation might have a chance in living in a peaceful society or era. Hopefully, if these suggestions and policies are followed the crime and homicide rate in the United States will drop by an estimated 35%.

Liberals and gun control supporters might say that guns are the major weapons of murder and crime and that if banned crime would decrease. This is not true because some criminals will obtain these weapons illegally or use other types of weapons in order to commit their crimes. Once again, people kill people not guns or any other type of weapons. The answer to this problem is education not violation. In other words, stick to the constitution and start educating.


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