Gun Control Essay Introduction

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As of today we know that “Gun control” is a very popular demand here in the United States of America. Enforcing our gun laws here in the USA are sort of complicated for public authorities to handle. Why do we have guns on the streets? Is it because people are irresponsible for their owned weapon? Or maybe it is just easier for a person to get a gun anywhere faster than I can buy one from a different state the correct way.

Why should this be possible? When will there be a time we could change this? After reviewing statics of how fast people can receive a gun, I’ve figured out that a person with a gun is more likely to commit a crime than a real criminal. So is this a reason to discuss why we should enforce gun laws more strictly? Yes, and it is a major priority and we need it handled.

The issue of gun control evokes strong passions from people at both ends of the debate.

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There are those who feel that they need to have guns either for protection or for sport and they are those who feel that guns are best placed in the hands of those that are mandated to protect the general population. The recent spate of school shootings goes a long way in showing how a relaxed attitude towards the licensing of guns can cause such untold carnage. The advocates of no gun control are ignoring the signs of the times; that we are breeding a generation that does not think twice before they pull the trigger.

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Gun Control Essay Introduction

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