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Essay on Gun Control

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Anti Guns on Campuses

Clearly not having guns on college campuses has worked so far. Why would society decide to change that now? The negatives outweigh the good in every facet. Yes like with anything there are positives, but those positives are few and far between. Students and faculty aren’t trained to handle the pressures and stress that come with dealing with carrying a loaded weapon on campus. Law Enforcement do...

Do Guns Make Us Safer?

Getting a permit could require a full background check and several forms of identification. A waiting period of one to three weeks can be required and inforced. This could cut down on the fact that in some states anyone can walk into a gun shop and give a fake name and walk out with a gun that day. Another way to compromise would be to completely limit guns to shooting ranges and hunting grounds. ...

Guns Should Be Banned

I believe that if the proper laws are fully enforced we would have fewer criminals and much less death. For countries all around the world, it’s sad when a fourteen year old kid can get access to a dangerous firearm it’s just senseless. I know banning guns will not stop all violence as some people will go to huge lengths to still get that one weapon, but I can assure you it will have a dramati...

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Principles of Firearms Operating Systems

The gas-operated platform used by AR15 rifles is considered the most reliable for the class. As long as the platform is kept clean the rifle will continue to function. The reduced amount of felt recoil from the system allows the user to make quick follow-up shots and allows them to better stay on target. Law enforcement will find the platform most useful, as well as homeowners looking for a home d...

Debate about the pros and cons of legalizing guns

Some people view guns as not being safe at all. People feel there aren’t enough restrictions for guns. There are far too many people with criminal backgrounds that have direct access to guns. Guns have been viewed as being an addition to violence. Over the years, we’ve seen children shooting children with their parent’s gun. Guns are easily accessible on the Black Market. Terrorists are uti...

Gun Control in the US

The pursuit of fame can lead people to acts of great courage and nobility. It can also lead to acts of great savagery. Other than the long-time debates on gun control law itself, it is necessary for the public to think about other issues regarding public safety. In all cases, gun bans have been ineffective, expensive, and even counter-productive. If properly issued, registered, monitored and store...

The Banning of Assault Weapons

This goes to show that they will continue to put a ban on guns left and right just because they are being used in crimes. The way this is going, Its just a matter of time before all guns are banned. Wheeler provides a valid point on his argument of how assault weapons are being perceived as killing machines and how they are barely used in crimes. But According to Mark Follman, Since the expiration...

Muhammad and Malvo Crime Review

If Bull's Eye and Bushmaster had acted as they had an obligation to act, Muhammad and Malvo would have been prevented from obtaining the assault rifle they needed to kill their victims since federal laws prohibited both from buying guns. Bull's Eye and Bushmaster helped cause the deaths, the wife of a victim claimed, and so “they share the responsibility for my husband's death and many others. ...

History of Glock17 Sales And Marketing

When it comes to owning a business you have to be prepared because it can make you or break you and Gaston showed that he had what it took. He went through a tough time marketing his new product the Glock 17. Not a lot of people were interested because he was a no name trying to sell this plastic gun. He got his name out there and showed that his product was the best product and that it was worth ...

The right to bear arms

The majority opinion was in favor of the plaintiff who wanted to register for a hand gun in the first place for the protection of his home. The importance of the case was that a man was being withheld his legal rights that are stated under the second amendment. It showed as well that a state law can be overturned by a higher government system. This case specifically was a major part of the Constit...

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