Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control

Gun violence is a serious issue, which causes a severe headache for most of the nations’ governments. A large number of people who died as a result of gun violence have increased across the world in recent years. In Australia, the government has tried to make a greater effort to protect its citizens and gun control is suggested as a sensible solution since the terrible shooting incident in Port Arthur. This essay will argue that there should be stricter gun control laws in Australia due to the reasons of safety and restriction on gun ownership. To begin with, the first argument is that stricter gun laws will keep Australia safer.

After a mass shooting in last decade, there are currently more demands for uniform, more effective, and tougher gun controls. The evidence of safety is from 1996 to 2010, the total number of gun deaths fell from 516 to 236 with about 55 per cent reduction (Gun policy statistic, 2011). In addition, Australia is considered one of the most beautiful and safer countries in the world. It is a good destination and environment for studying and living, so this is one of the most popular reasons to explain why a large number of overseas people and tourists all over the world come to Australia for travelling every year.

In fact, “the benefits of the tourism industry are significant for the economic growth of all sectors within Australia. Tourism’s direct contribution to Australia’s GDP was worth $34. 6 billion in 2010–11, or around 2. 5% of GDP” (Tourism industry facts and figures, 2012). Therefore, it is necessary and essential to ensure legal system of Australia always work in place, especially tighter gun controls so that people come from other countries have to pay attention and obey the laws seriously. Those who object to this idea may claim that safety does not depend on strict gun control laws.

As a matter of fact, it may be true that the safety does not depend completely on strict gun controls. Moreover, strict gun laws will not stop crime. Nevertheless, it would provide less risk and reduce crime rate as well. Hence, the number of people dying by gun violence can decrease significantly. Webster (2006) states that “removing guns from the domestic environment is an important part of the national strategy for suicide prevention”. Without a doubt, safety outcome in Australia in recent years is a result of good gun laws enforcement.

Another argument why gun laws in Australia should be tighter is in the aspect of restriction on the level of gun ownership. According to Weatherburn (2006), “research since the gun buyback has shown that more than 90 per cent of homicide cases involve an unregistered weapon and the alleged offender was not licensed to own a gun”. Actually, if the gun controls are not strict enough, it is easy to get guns from everywhere in Australia. Consequently, more criminals will have firearms and use guns as a tool to do what they want and cause misdeeds for the society.

In other words, more accidents, assaults, and suicides will increase dramatically and happen frequently. Furthermore, black markets will operate openly and easily. More dangerous, Australia can become the place where criminals can use to manufacture and hoard weapons for vicious assaults. However, it could be argued that Australians, especially farmers, sports people, and homeowners have a right and freedom to own a gun to protect themselves from hazardous situations and the government should not deeply interfere into their private lives.

Admittedly, even though the right and freedom for themselves defense is very essential and necessary, there still should be tougher gun controls about severe restrictions limit gun ownership because it will protect people from the consequences of the easy availability of guns. Take America as an example, polls indicate that “about 70 per cent of Americans favour some form of gun control and nearly 60 per cent say there should be restrictions on the ownership of guns, if not outright bans” (Gawenda, 2006). Thus, on a broad scale, the limited right to use guns is crucial and should be enforced in Australia.

In conclusion, this essay has presented the reasons why gun control laws in Australia need to be stricter and tighter. Obviously, there are some other accessible approaches to ensure the safety and development of Australian society. However, for the reasons mentioned above, it is generally believed that laws against gun criminals must be strictly enforced. Besides, it can be recommended that citizens need to support and join hands with the government so that the gun laws can work efficiently in order to maintain the stability and peace for Australia in particular and the world in general.

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