Gulf Essay Topics

English Language Teaching in Gulf

Zafar Syed’s assertions about the TESOL challenges in Gulf are subjective reflection over the issue and he is unable to provide any verified or verifiable data and findings. He places all responsibility on the structural constraints i. e. contextual framework, human resource development, system and standards, and research and knowledge and paid less heed to… View Article

The Gulf of Mexico

The oil spill currently taking place in the Gulf of Mexico is as a result of the sinking and explosion of a rig of oil in Mexico’s gulf. Ever since the spill started, it has had a worrying trend as it continues spreading in the ocean and most of the efforts aimed at containing the… View Article

Multiple Governments and Intergovernmental Relationships

Multiple Governments and Intergovernmental Relationships To be successful as a unified or United States, meaning a group with the same but often times different agendas, a few things had to become true. First the individual governments of these states had to feel that their best interests were represented within the united whole. Second that their… View Article