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Guitar Essay

Throughout life, human beings are destined to have ups and downs in life like a rollercoaster. In Federico Garcia Lorca’s lyric poem “The Guitar”, the speaker expresses sorrow and despair through imagery and personification of the guitar by relating life to an evening without morning, the desert sands, and the end of life for a bird. The most powerful message in the poem is that music can express our deepest losses and desires.

In the lyric poem, “The Guitar” by Federico Garcia Lorca, the speaker uses symbolism to connect his emotions to the guitar. The description of the cries of the guitar as “The evening without morning” (22), gives the idea that his life is incomplete. This is important because it portrays that the speaker is missing a certain piece to complete the puzzle to his life. This clearly shows that his life is unfulfilled until he finds what he’s looking for.

In addition, the narrator expresses the deepest desires of the beautiful instrument when he describes the “warm southern sands/Desiring white camellias” (19-20).This is significant as for the reason that flowers as stunning and purifying as camellias cannot grow in deserted areas such as the hot blazing waterless desert. Henceforth, the narrator can tries to convey the feeling that he may want something he cannot have. Therefore, the guitar weeps the heartfelt emotions through the monotonously rhythmic sound.

Life is like a floating cloud, it drifts away in a while. In the lyric poem, “The Guitar”, Federico Garcia Lorca uses such a vivid visual when he describes the guitar weeping for an incredible creature when he states, “And the first dead bird dead/upon a branch”(23-24).The meaning is much related to reality as he depicts that death is inevitable. The narrator accentuates that one cannot cheat death as it comes before one realizes it.

To conclude, music has the ability to express a person’s profounding loggings and personality. In Federico Garcia Lorca’s lyric poem, “The Guitar”, the speaker expresses his sorrow through literary analysis when he compares his life emotions to an evening without morning, the lonely desert sands, and the death of a bird through the weeps of the guitar.

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