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Guilt and Punishment

Categories: GuiltPhilosophy

Creon’s actions and judgment in the play Antigone were questionable, but I don’t think he deserved the punishment he received at the conclusion of the play. My philosophy of life probably influenced my decision because I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Creon was arrogant and did not listen to anyone’s advice, including Tiresias, a prophet who has never told him a lie. However, in the end he realized what had happened and accepted his fate. Creon was just recently appointed king so I guess he was trying to set a good example by sentencing Antigone to death.

He didn’t’ want the people to think he was a person who made exceptions to their own ruling. A part of me did not want to forgive Creon, because what he did was rotten. He turned against his own family. I could never send a family member to jail or even worse, death. Creon’s punishment was quite harsh.

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All of the people close to him died. His son and daughter died and that was when he realized what kind of mistake he had made. He went against the morals of the people, ignored advice from his family members as well as a prophet who has never been wrong.

His obstinate decision led him towards his downfall. In the end Creon knew that it was his fault that every one around him died. It was too late to regret now, so he accepted his punishment. I don’t think that the punishment was suitable because it was too extreme.

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Image if everyone in your family died because you made a poor decision. No one is perfect, that is why they put erasers on top of your pencils. I believe everyone should deserve a second chance, even if that someone is Creon.

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