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Guido Fubini

Guido Fubini, A famous mathematician, was born January 19th 1987 in Venice, Italy. His father, Lazzaro Fubini, was a mathematics teacher so he came from a mathematical background. Guido was influenced by his father towards mathematics when he was young. He attended secondary school in Venice where he showed that he was brilliant in mathematics. It was then clear that from this stage he would follow this career.

In 1896 Guido entered the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. There he was taught by Dini and Bianchi, who quickly influenced Guido to undertake research in geometry. He presented his doctoral thesis Clifford’s Parallelism in Elliptic Spaces in 1900. Most young doctoral students take a few years to make themselves well know in their area. However, Guido was lucky for his teacher Bianchi was about to publish an important work on differential geometry. Bianchi discussed the results of Guido’s thesis in his treatise, which appeared in 1902.

Guido remained at Pisa to qualify as a university teacher. Most mathematicians at this stage in their careers extend the work they have begun in their doctoral thesis, but not Guido. He attacked a completely new topic to the one he had studied for his doctoral thesis studying the theory of harmonic functions in spaces of constant curvature.

Guido’s interests were exceptionally wide moving from his early work on differential geometry towards analysis. In this area he work on differential equations, analytic functions, and functions of several complex variables. He taught courses on these analysis topics at both the Politecnico and the University in Turin. During World War I, Guido studied the accuracy of artillery. These investigations led him on to work on acoustics and electricity.

Guido was forced to retire from his chair in Turin. He had no wish to leave Italy but he had two sons who were engineers and, always a man who was devoted to his family, Guido decided that his sons had no future in a country whose official policy was anti-Semitism. When he received an invitation from the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton in 1939, Guido made the decision which he believed was best for his family. They moved to the United States immediately, although Guido himself was in rather poor health by this time. Still, despite his health problem, he was able to teach for a few years in New York. 5 years after moving to the United State Guido died of heart Problems on June 6th 1943.

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