Guidelines in Choosing Data, Materials and Sources Essay

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Guidelines in Choosing Data, Materials and Sources

For any research, the next important thing after defining your topic and thesis statement is the use of the choice of the kind of resources, date and material that you will use in the project. It is important to note that in every project, the choice of your data and material will greatly influence the outcome of your work. Specifically, the quality of the data and material that you used will influence the quality of your project and work. With this in mind, it is important for us to have criteria in choosing our sources, data and material.

In this paper, we will try to tackle the best way to choose your data and material that will help you in ensuring the good quality of your work. For data and statistics, it is important to get them from reliable sources. The reliable sources that you must consider are the use of academic journals, organizational websites and government publications. These kinds of sources ensure the validity of the data that are being published. In today’s world wherein literally any person can own a website, it is important to have a skill on choosing which is viable and reliable and which is not.

Quoting or reviewing other individuals is also an important part of the job. In this job, we must take note that if we are writing a technical or academic paper; we must quote from reliable individuals who have a professional experience in this field. For example, if you are doing a research in medicine, you will not quote a retailer in the store but rather, you will definitely quote a medical expert. The statements of these professionals can be found in publications such as books, journals and even news articles. The use of picture will definitely add to the spice of your project.

In using pictures, images and other media, it is important to cite your sources, not infringing the copyright of the material. If possible, write a letter to the owner of the image or media asking for the right to use the said material. The guidelines that we wrote above will definitely help any researcher in producing a good quality paper that will be a great use to its readers. References Purdue OWL, 2010. Writing a Research Paper. Purdue Online Writing Lab [internet] http://owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/658/01/ [Accessed 5 May 2010]

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