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Guidelines for Proposal Write Up and Presentation Essay

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The proposal should be about 2-4 pages. The basic content can be as follows.

1.1 Executive Summary

An Executive Summary, which provides a brief (about two paragraphs) overview of the proposed project. This is probably the most important section of your proposal, because it provides a clearly defined problem and proposed solution procedure, and a description of the expected project deliverables. The Executive Summary is often the only section of your proposal that some readers will read; and must present all the relevant information as clearly and effectively as possible. It is often the last thing to be written.

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1.2 Goal

The specific objectives of project. What are the defining features and benefits of this product?

1.3 Background and Motivation

What are the needs or problems that you are trying to address? Why do these needs (still) exist? Why are these problems worth solving? Who is the customer? Write 2-4 paragraphs. -What is the setting and history behind this project? -What is the problem to be addressed? -What are some current approaches to this problem? -Why is this problem worth solving or worth solving better? -How will this product be better than previous approaches?

1.4 System Architecture and Approach

This section identifies the approach that the team will use to meet the project objectives. You should explain here your principal tasks, their duration, their sequence and their particular purposes. Wherever possible, the methods and task to be performed should be outlined in logical sequence and explained in detail. Do not assume the reviewer will fill in the gaps in your logic. A common way of identifying project milestones and due dates is to use a graphic representation of the task relationships, such as a Gantt Chart (a bar chart showing timeliness for each principal task) or a PERT/CPM Chart (a network representation of the project that shows the sequential relationship between project activities). The Solution Procedure should also describe the relevant instrumentation and facilities required to complete the research or product development. The Solution Procedure should include a budget that estimates the anticipated R&D costs over the life of the project. Wherever possible, provide sufficient commentary on the budget to facilitate

1.5 Deliverables

Briefly list project deliverables. When you are done, what will you deliver to the customer?

1.6 Team Organization (Optional)

This section provides a summary of the group’s qualifications for the project. Identify key personnel and describe directly related education and experience. Also include each member’s responsibility for the duration of the project. An organizational chart to identify the specific areas of responsibility of each team member may be appropriate.

1.7 Required Resources (Optional)

The list of resources/help that you hope to get from the instructor.

1.8 Time Table

Part of the proposal will be a proposed schedule. This time table will be used to evaluate and manage the project. Key assumptions that affect the plan should be documented here. The project plan should be updated throughout the life-time of the project. Examples at: http://readyset.tigris.org/nonav/templates/plan.html

2.1 Project Proposal Presentation Length

10 to 15 minutes presentation + discussions afterwards, in total 25min each person. If you decide to use powerpoint, you should prepare for 10-15 pages of slides. 2.2 2.3 Motivation (the same as proposal write-up) Input/Output

Define the task. Show some brief examples that will be produced by by your project.

2.4 System Architecture (the same as proposal write-up)

If the project includes many components, you can select the most crucial parts to present.

2.5 2.6 Time Table (the same as proposal write-up) Implementation Details (optional)

You could briefly talk about the approaches you are using, and why they fit into the task.

2.7 Preliminary Demo (optional)

If you have some preliminary system done by your presentation date, show it to the class.

2.8 Summary and Closing Mark (optional)

Briefly recaps the key points of the proposal. Summarize the current problem, the steps you propose to take to solve the problem, and the benefits to the client.

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