Guidelines Essay Topics

The decision process

This is more of a research phase where the organization analyses itself, processes together with the industry to come up with the aspects in which it is lacking (Woodruff, 2005). Moreover, the organization can establish areas in which it can improve in so as to aid the establishment of its presence in the industry. i…. View Article

Abstract-writing guidelines

An abstract allows the author to communicate to his audience the critical information of his original research in a concise manner. Foote (2006) and December and Katz (nd) recommend that in writing a good abstract, it should contain four elements – background or objectives, methods, results and conclusion. The background highlights the research questions and/or… View Article

Guidelines to anthropology influenced

Durkheim tells that ‘social facts’ means nothing but sociological data. These facts are normal ways of thoughts and acting each member of society feels forced to conform. In these facts personal qualities of individuals are irrelevant. These ‘facts’ belong to the whole of thoughts, sentiments and actions; these cannot be reduced for the individuals in… View Article