Essay writing is always challenging procedure. We have to make many steps in order to create a successful result. Most of students are afraid of this process as it requires much time and effort. Have you ever faced difficulties while your essay writing process? We suppose that you have.

Modern web offers numerous tutorials and manuals that teach us how to write. There are cases when such webpages contain convoluted tips that cannot be applied on practice.

Luckily, you came across the article that will show you the easiest way of academic essay writing. Let’s get started.

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Brainstorm the topic

Topic is an essential component of the writing. It is the central issue that attracts target audience. As a rule, students face difficulties while choosing the best theme for the research. You have to remember that your topic should be: debatable, controversial, up to date, and undiscovered. Do not choose the subject that is written to death because the reader will consider your paper as trash. The most effective ways to find the topic that follows mentioned above options are to go library, make global online searching, read newspapers, or ask for advice your professor.

Take into account the last stage as cooperating with your supervisor is especially important and useful. Your task is to ask him about the suitable type of sources as you may use primary and secondary.

After you researched all possible variants, it is time to make a list and pick the best topic. Read carefully and decide which of the themes can be investigated and described into interesting and original way.

Pick the example to follow

Perhaps, it sounds funny, but you should analyze well-written paper, for example, the masterpieces of Shakespeare. We highly recommend to use your creativity and analytical thinking in order to find the winning methods that author implemented. It is important to realize the scheme of the writing that attracts the reader. Hope you will cope with this step.

Make a plan of your ideas

Now, when you are armed with an essential material you should create the map of your own thoughts that will guide you while writing. Everything depends on your personality. If the fresh air brings you inspiration – go for a walk. Do not lock your creativity, try to find the reasonable ideas at the unusual places.

Good tip for you: be ready to note each thought that comes to your head. Remember that you can force your brain to work.

Think over the thesis statement

The thesis or topic sentence is the focused summary of the ideas that you want to present in your paper. Choose the three or more the most effective thoughts from your list and decide whether you have the evidence to prove them. The thesis should be logically-built and precise. Do not use any assumptions and try to be consistent. Moreover, you can support your thesis with some evidences or examples.

Create the plan for your essay

Make up the outline with your thoughts and ideas. We highly recommend you to use bullet points and list as it helps you single out primary and secondary steps. As you can realize, such “frame” will make the structure of your future research transparent and clear.

Write the title and introduction

Speaking about title, we have to say that it should be short but persuasive. Do not make a short story of it. As a rule, you should title your essay with complex sentence that conveys the main idea of the paper. To some extent the title should appeal to you. Moreover, your essay should have the persuasive and effective title.

The first paragraph is the basic “label” of your whole piece. Here you have to start the general description of your idea and narrow it down to precise thesis sentence. Avoid such expressions as “This will inform you about or my essay should tell about”. Try to use more scientific manner of writing. The main goal of the introductory paragraph is to attract lots of readers and encourage the target audience to keep reading the whole paper.

The first sentence should inform about the main goals and reasons of investigation; also, you have to highlight the scientific apparatus of the paper. Do not forget to name the benefits of the research and their importance for the scientific development.

How to write the main body?

According to survey, the body is the most complicated and troublesome part of the writing. Nevertheless, we want to prove you that it is easy. All that you need is to follow your outline and consistently represent the statements. Committee appreciates when the student divides the main body into the body paragraphs. Moreover, each section should comprise statement, evidence and profs from the secondary or primary sources. Your main body can also contain the scholar quotations and famous sayings that logically enrich the content of the paper. Do not write five paragraph essay if your teacher asks only few. And the last crucial thing is pronouns; please, avoid personal pronouns as it makes your text informal.

How to conclude a paper?

As a rule, students underestimate the conclusion as they are sure that the final part isn’t important. We ensure you that the third part of research is far more than significant for the essay structure. Here you should summarize the main points and suggest ways of practical implementation of your results. Your conclusion should comprise the overview of the methods and results that were used. Moreover, you have to recall the thesis statement and prompt readers about the general idea of your entire essay. Do not present new facts and information in the end as you will confuse the target audience. You should notice that the last sentence should be informative that tells the reader about the advantages and use of your academic essay.


Enlisting all possible styles and formats we invoke you to use the MLA. That is well-spread and easy format that will make your paper well-written. With the help of these formatting rules, you will create the effective essay.

Speaking about the page number, as a rule, it goes at the upper right corner. Nevertheless, consult with your teacher and he will tell you the right way.

Now you are armed with essential knowledge for making a winning investigation of appropriate essay format. Hope this article broke your stereotypes related to the “dark sides” of this process. Do not hesitate and try your skills.

By the way, do not forget to proofread your paper and brush up all mistakes.