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Guidance for Event management

Nowadays, most events are organised by an event management company, with experts taking care of every little detail -from the catering of food and drink down right down to the colour scheme at the venue. This can also include amusements and contests lined up for the guests.

An event is something that takes place; an occurrence and arbitrary point in time; a significant occurrence or happening/ a social gathering or activity. Individuals define an event’s significance subjectively; people actively and retroactively compartmentalize their lives and history in terms of epochs delimited by events considered to be significant.

( Events have the potential to generate a vast amount of money through tourism when they cater for out-of-region visitors, and procure grants or sponsorships, of direct and indirect nature. (Getz, 1997).

Paphos (or Pafos) is one of the most beautiful and ancient towns of Cyprus. Wherever one treads in Paphos they come across its glorious history which dates back thousands of years, when the cult of goddess Aphrodite who emerged from its seas, flourished in this beautiful part of the world attracting many visitors from the island and abroad.

Today Paphos is a small harbour town, but in Hellenistic and Roman times it was the capital of Cyprus. Still under the spell of her Beauty-Goddess, the area retaining her magic has remained intact by time. Paphos seduces its visitor with its majestic landscape, lovely coastline, historical treasures and delightful villages where tradition is still a way of life. It provides an opportunity for the local communities to develop and share their culture, which create a sense of values and beliefs held by individuals in a local community.

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The economic impact of tourism supports a programme of events, arts, sports and other culture and helps to build distinctive communities, thus increasing local pride and self confidence. (

Planning a sophisticated special event with a myriad of details to coordinate is no easy task. To be successful, an event manager must gain clear understanding of why the event exists (its vision/mission), what it is trying to do for whom (its goals and/or objectives), and decide the strategies needed to achieve these objectives. These strategies in turn need to be implemented through a range of operational plans developed within the context of an overall event budget. (Allen & O’Toole, 1999)


Organise an international artistic event (Art Exhibition) that will take place at the ‘Kyklos Art Gallery’ in Paphos on the 12th 13th and 14th of May 2006.The aim of this event is to demonstrate through the work of the artists the Turkish invasion in Cyprus capturing the viewers attention from the extraordinary colours and figures used. Also this exhibition is to promote Kyklos art gallery as an international centre of high – profile cultural events, thus contributing to the international promotion and elevation of Cyprus in the culture and art sectors.


* Increase and establish the awareness of the event

* Raise money for Paphos General Hospital

* Provide a unique experience to all guests of all age groups

* Educate and inform people through the exhibition from a different perspective about Turkish invasion in Cyprus


In writing a study on the event it will be attempt to write the methodology and analysis of the strategic planning for the event and the second part of this study is devoted on a discussion which covers the legal, social and environmental issues that have the potential to impact on the event.



The rationale for this part is to explain the method used to plan and organize “The Kyklos Art exhibition” (See Appendix 1) that will take place in Kato Paphos, Cyprus, and analyses the internal and external environmental factors that have the potential to impact on the event.


The records used through this study are taken from Municipality of Paphos, Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and Cyprus Tourism Organization.


There is a specific rhythm that must be incorporated into event design. The importance of planning is because of its key role in helping to deal with the uncertainties of events. ‘Planning is the process by which the manager or organizer looks towards the event to discover what various courses of action are available to arrange it, and which course of action will be the best. (Anton Shone, 2004, p.83) The planning process for the event management is recorded in appendix 2 and will be in charge for the following:

* Creation of informative catalogue with the dimensions and prices of the art paintings.

* Request a meeting with the mayor of Paphos who will be asked to perform the speech of the inauguration

* Advertising campaign, public relations and further marketing activities in Cyprus and overseas

* Arrange a photographer

* Sales of the tickets

* Catering

* Amount of seats available, construction of the grandstand, electricity, and generally technical substructure and support in the area of the construction. (i.e. lights, sound)

* Organization and administration of the room (equipment, services, security, etc.)

* Insurance of personnel and equipment

* Kyklos Gallery rent payment and the commission rate for all the sales

* Analyzation of total staff requirements


‘The strategy process (See appendix 3) is about determining the current situation faced by the event (strategic awareness), the strategic options available to an event manager (strategic choices) and the mechanisms for implementing and evaluating/monitoring the chosen strategies).’ (Thompson, 1997, p.51) The context in which this process takes place is that of the purpose/vision1/mission2 of the event. Kyklos art exhibition organize an event to edify and enlighten people about Turkish invasion in Cyprus and tries to satisfy the guests’ interest with handmade evidence. (Aim & Objectives)

The management of the event (See appendix 4) will be divided in four basic components: Administrative Committee, Operational Committee, Marketing Team and Personnel Team. The Administrative Committee is the people whom are the ‘headquarters staff’. They are the managers and their leader is the person in charge of the event. The Operational Committee is the Doers. They are the ones that make the event and its location work together. This team comprises a head leader from the Administration, Operation and Marketing department. Each member of the Operation Team is involved in the event’s planning process. Co-operation and team working and are the most important elements for the success of the event. Marketing Team: This is the selling staff. This team promotes the event – to the public, media, sponsors-either directly through ticket sales and sponsorship solicitation or indirectly through publicity and advertising. Finally the Personnel Team which it is up to this group to get the right people fitted into the right jobs, provide orientation and training for newcomers and to handle all other personnel matters.


Staging can refer to the organization of a venue within a much larger festival. Each of these venues may have a range of events within a distinct theme. An event has to fit with the overall planning of the complete event with the event’s programming and logistics. The exhibition will have its own event director. (Administrative Committee) The staging of the event includes:

* Theming and event design

* Programming

* Choice of venue

* Audience and guests

* Lights

* Sound

* Catering

* Crew

* Hospitality

* Photographer

2.5.1 Theming and Event Design

The theme of the event is to edify people through the exhibition from a different perspective about Turkish invasion in Cyprus. The exhibition room will be decorated with an average number of 32 paintings of well known Cypriot artist.

2.5.2 Programming & Time Management

The program of the event is the flow of the performers, speakers, catering, and music, staff. The program depends on:

* The expectations of the audience

* The constraints of the venue and infrastructure

* The culture of the client and main sponsors

The Operational Committee will be responsible for the programming of the event. The program is a complex of activities so the chairperson of the operational committee will use a Cantt Chart (See Appendix 5) and a Critical Path Analysis (See Appendix 6) to map the various attractions and help the audience navigate the event program.

2.5.3 Choice of venue

The exhibition will be held in Kyklos Art Gallery, behind St Paul’s Pillar on the 13th of May, 2006 which is a Saturday night when most of the people don’t work (if they work they finish at 3 o’ clock maximum). It starts at 20:30 and finishes (approximately3) at 11:304 p.m. This time of the year and the particular Gallery was chosen because it is well known all over Cyprus for its series of paintings. Another significant reason is that Paphos attracts a lot of tourists, especially middle age and senior citizens tourists. Consequently this people have the money, time and education to be able to show an interest in these kinds of exhibitions. A final point is that the pupil’s/students final exams in Cyprus are a month away from the exhibition and as they have an exam on history (obligatory exam) the subject of the exhibition could be very knowledgeable.

2.5.4 Audience and guests

There will be approximately 220-250 guests (according to ticket sales) through the three nights. Guests will give their ticket at the door before they enter the exhibition room and their seats will be numbered. (The paintings will be in the next room)

2.5.5 Lights & Sound

Pragmatically5 and signage6 lights will be used in both rooms as well as those illuminating specific areas such as catering and ticket allocation. The reason for having sound equipment is so all the audience can clearly hear the mayor’s, the exhibition’s representatives and performers speeches.

2.5.6 Catering

The guests after the exhibition will be self served; offered several types of canap�s, savory’s, sweet delicacies, nuts, champagne, wine, (red/white) juice and water.

2.5.7 Crew/Staff/Volunteers

Professionalism is essential when staging an event. There will be need skilled sound engineers, (Sound Company) a security staff, (one at the entrance of the exhibition and one in the paintings room) a person, who will be guiding in the parking area, 3 people promoting the event at traffic lights points (in town which is the most busy area) 2 people who will be in charge for the canap�s and wine stocking (on the exhibition night) and for the guests service. The two people who will be handling the food will have Food Hygiene Certificate. (The Food Safety Act 19907) There will also be 2 volunteers; the one will be responsible for the lady’s jackets and bags and the other for the men’s coats8. (A qualified nurse will also be at the exhibition to provide first aid in case of emergency)

2.5.8 Parking

A big parking for approximately 300 cars will be available opposite Kyklos Gallery. The car park belongs to the municipality of Paphos; it has been authorized to be used the particular night and it will be free of charge.

2.5.9. Hospitality

At the end of all the speeches and the exhibition 2 paintings of total value 85.00 (CYP) will be elected by lot for the guests.


‘Financial planning and a good financial control are important aspects of the event management process’. (Anton Shone, 2004, p.96) Care time and effort will need to be expended at an early stage to ensure good financial management, and that all the possible kinds of expenditure and income have been identified. It is also useful to understand the links between the original settings of the objectives and to follow those through into the financial management and budgets. It is no good saying that a key objective is to raise enough money or the objective is to spend less than. The objectives and the financial management are intimately linked.

The first option is to establish how much money can be set aside for the event which includes incomes and expenditures. ‘A budget can be described as a quantified statement of plans. The budget process (See appendix 7) includes costing and estimating income and allocating financial resources’. (McDonnell, Allen and O’ Toole, 1999, p.324) It is a plan based on accurate quotes from all contractors and suppliers and on careful research to ensure that no expenses have been overlooked. It provides guidelines for approving expenditure and ensuring that the financial aspects of the event remain on track.

Financial control is vital for an event management. Having a good financial control it is important to limit members of the organizing committee who can incur expenditure, to keep accurate records of all income and expenditure, to pass financial information to all who require it, to keep information easily understandable and to maintain expenditure within budget guidelines. The first attempt at providing an adequate outline budget will help identify information needed to prepare a detailed budget9 forecast. A key element of a budget is to show worst and best case. (See appendix 8) In terms of expenditure and costs it is essential to calculate the total costs and include every cost that might be involved. (See appendix 9) It is very important to ensure that all the costs have been checked and the list is genuinely complete.

For commercial organizations, senior management or a head of department might do the preparation of a budget for an event. Financial managers10 play an increasingly important role in mergers and consolidations, and in global expansion and related financing. These areas require extensive, specialized knowledge on the part of the financial manager to reduce risks and maximize profit. They often work on teams, acting as business advisors to top management. They need to keep abreast of the latest computer technology in order to increase the efficiency of their firm’s financial operations. A record of every financial transaction should be maintained and all payments must have accompanying account before payment. The bank statements should be balanced and a report should be provided at each meeting. (Microsoft Encarta Plus, 2003)

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