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Group Value and Group Creativity
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Pages • 4
Witnessing the thriving of businesses in collectivistic countries as well as Western organizations’ increasing dependence on work groups, many scholars suggested that organizations should start endorsing collectivistic, instead of individualistic values, to better adapt to current working environment. Indeed, promoting collectivistic values within a company does have many potential benefits, such as increased harmony and cooperation, and reduced employees’ tendency to shirk responsibility. However, the downside of endorsing collectivistic values, especially the risk of constraining creativity, has not been investigated.…...
CreativityGroup Work
My Group Work Experience
Words • 620
Pages • 3
The group work in which I participated took place over the course of a week. The first day was spent in collaborating on a variety of group activities. The participants in these groups were all from different backgrounds and included students taking courses in a variety of healthcare areas including radiography, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. Although the students were all from such allied health professional groups, there was a mixture of postgraduates and undergraduates, and the…...
AnxietyGroup WorkWork Experience
Group Work Reflection Example
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Pages • 7
In today’s work culture and dynamic environment educational institutions and organizations require students and employees to work together in groups at certain tolerant and coordinative levels, thus proving “experience of working in group or teams” (Blease, 2006 cited Kelly, and P.2007). The students are asked to work in groups as it allows students to learn interactively. Moreover the researchers report that, regardless of the subject matter; students working in small groups tend to learn more of what is taught and…...
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The Group Work Evaluation
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Pages • 9
Paper Type:Evaluation essays
The purpose of this report is mainly focused on the examining, describing and evaluating the issues which occurred within the legends mainly focusing on experiences. Firstly is an evaluation of group work which includes feeling and other problems. Then different approaches to group work which is explained using a few theories and the problems which was encountered during the main issues which occurred during the group after formation. Following this is the illustration of how the difficulties were addressed. Learning…...
Group WorkPsychologySocial PsychologyTeamWork
Group Work vs Alone
Words • 295
Pages • 2
You could receive useful feedback from group members, and shorten the amount of time you might have originally spent on the project if you had worked alone. Contrary to popular belief, there most certainly is an "I" in "team. " It is the same "I" that appears three times in "responsibility. " ~Amber Harding When you work in group you will be able to assign each member job that will help the project because of their specialization in that area…...
Group WorkWork
The Importance Of Dominant And Subordinate Groups
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Pages • 7
As social beings people have the fundamental requirement to linking with other individuals in some direct or indirect methods. Because of this need, people enter membership with other groups, which are outside the household group where they typically belong. However, personal distinctions produce the development or establishment of particular powers by some and the obedience or subordination by the others. Thus, the presence of dominant and subordinate groups becomes evident. Dominance and subordination, in group dynamics are not measured quantitatively.…...
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Tuckman’s Theory of Interaction During Group Work
Words • 410
Pages • 2
Tuckman's theory is one which explains the main stages new groups or teams go through in their formation. Bruce Tuckman believed that there are four basic and predictable stages of development. These four stages include forming, storming, norming, and performing. Forming, which is Tuckman's first step to his theory, is when new members of a group or team get together for the first time, and feel uncomfortable. This first step consists of the new members to try to understand each…...
Group WorkHuman NatureTeamTheoryWork
Teamwork Reflection and Assessment
Words • 933
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Reflective essays
The members in our teams are Bi, Xue, Qiaoyu and Chloe. Although we didn’t appoint a leader nominally, Chloe is the one who organized everything in our team. In this case, she is a true leader of us. Everybody in our team did a good job and the division of our job is showed as follow. My part of report is the overview of the business, including the contents of strategic contexts 1.1, strategic thinking 1.1 and strategic planning 1.2.…...
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