Group Support Systems Essay

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Group Support Systems

Group Support System is technology that is solely designed to spur the work of groups. It can be used to cooperate, compete, negotiate, coordinate, communicate or solve problems. Whilst conventional technologies, such as the telephone qualify as GSS, the term is customarily used in reference to a definite class of technologies relying on contemporary computer networks like newsgroups, email, chat or videophones. GSSs have the ability to reduce communication barriers, thereby improving organizational effectiveness.

The technology facilitates clearer, faster and more persuasive communication and allows communication where it wouldn’t otherwise be feasible or possible. What’s more, Group Support Systems facilitate new-fangled means of communication like structured interactions and anonymous interchanges, in so doing, they significantly reduce communication barriers. Similarly, Group Support Systems enhance team productivity in the organization by allowing team members to collaborate from anywhere, share contact and information instantly and access email accounts from a single inbox.

Besides, GSS lessens on time-consuming phone calls, travel expenses and organizational meetings. It as well curbs expensive overnight couriers and mailings, thereby improving organizational efficient through increased productivity. Facilitating decision-making activities is one of the cardinal features of Group Support System. The technology is applauded for knowledge management and brings to fore expertise as well as multiple perspectives regarding organizational decision making.

Furthermore, it leverages professional expertise in making pertinent decisions to the objectives, goals, mission and vision of an organization. Finally, the benefits of Group Support Systems that I have experienced in the workplace are diverse and far-reaching. The technology enables members to back up imperative documents in a secure location, in that way reduces risk of information loss as a result of computer theft or damage.

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