Group Process Essay

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Group Process

It is by enhancing communication and experiencing new roles that individuals begin to appreciate the significance and worth of an action or endeavor. This immersion provides insights and learning that can increase competency and capability of each one to address the challenges and setbacks present in the specified environment. By doing these things, the idea of group interaction and collaboration can be maximized not only to provide areas for change but also strengthen the concept of diversity within the dynamics of relations.

Reflecting on the chance to become a facilitator in the live portion of the activity was overall enlightening on my part. It was a mixture of positive and negative situation that exposed my eyes to the reality of what can happen in the actual environment and under a particular group. Also, it was in here that I experienced the element of resistance among members wherein participants showcased their difficulty in cooperating and collaborating with other participants (Black and Rosenthal, 2006).

Due to this, I realized that I had to work extra hard in both understanding diversity and promoting significant methods in enhancing cooperation. In here, goals and objectives must coincide and align with specific tasks to make the activity productive and synchronized with providing effective and efficient results (Tuckman, 1965). By disregarding this idea, it can lead towards chaos and inability to address specific responsibilities. On the other hand, my experience as a participant in this group dynamic is a struggle to accomplish.

This can be attributed to the inability of the facilitator to actively align goals with the activities and programs designed. This then resulted in the inability of members to decipher what necessary actions need to be provided which then creates scattered and limited results. Seeing this, the facilitator should have opened areas for communication especially that small group activity tend to become complacent and lax without proper leadership (Tuckman, 1965).

Overall, despite the challenges and hurdles I faced as a participant during my immersion, I had gained significant insights and understanding of what areas need careful attention and interest. It is in here that communication and interaction remains essential as it does not only involve looking into the areas of diversity but also takes into consideration of what responses can be made and provided (Black and Rosenthal, 2006).

Due to this, it can maximize the potential of generating dynamics that is adaptive and sustainable for development and growth. References Black, M. and Rosenthal, L. (2006) Modifications in Therapeutic Techniques in the Group Treatment of Delinquent Boys. Retrieved July 15, 2009 104 -118 Tuckman, B. W. (1965) Developmental Consequences in Small Groups in Psychological Bulletin. 65 (6) Retrieved July 15, 2009. 384-399

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