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Group interactions Essay

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My tone and pitch was appropriated I did not shout at my client as this would make her angry or even intimidating to talk to me so I kept it at a level that she could hear me clearly. I did not used any slang’s and jargon because my client may not of understand what I was say so she will be confused not only just my clients but others within the group also the only time it is appropriate for me to use slang is when I am talking with my friends.

I used appropriate pace I did not talk to fast because people may not of heard clearly what I was saying. In order to get my point across I talk slowly and clearly to that my point could be heard. Gestures- I used appropriate gestures for the other to understand what I was trying to say. Adapted the used of Egan theory of SOLER which stands for Squarely, Open, Lean, Eye contact, Relaxed.

I lean forward to show that I was interested in what she was saying I kept my contact and I also faced her squarely. had to listen to what she was saying so that I can summarize. my facial expression was welcoming I smiled at her to make her feel safe and felt I feeling of love and belonging according to Maslow hierarchy of needs I kept my eye contact on the person that was talking to show that I was listening. As I was a group interaction I gave other people time to talk I did not talk over any body voice. In my group interaction with my client I appeared to be interested and kept good facial expressions.

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When talking to the child I used the correct tone I did not shout or this would make him angry to I get calmed I also talked slowly and clearly to he can hear what I was saying. I kept good eye contact with the child I listen to what he was saying and I ask him some open question so that he can express himself. I did not stand over him when I was talking or he may feel intimidating. I kept good facial expression mostly my smiling at him. I did not use any slang’s or jargon just simple words that he may understand. I also incorporated Maslow by showing love, belonging and safety. I showed hid that he can come and talked to me without by afraid. I played with him nicely and made in happy so that he would know that he is in a safe environment.

Care value base I did not shout at the person as they have the right to be treated with respect.. I tried to empower them to make their own decision I done this my asking the seven year old boy what he would like to do. I did not pass any racism comment or else I would be discriminating against their diversity being race religion culture etc. I also gave them the rights to their own beliefs I did not slag them off but I gave them the chance to explain themselves. I maintained confidentiality as this builds trust I done this by not passing important information about the clients to others and also it would breach the data protection acct

Whittington hospital Scenario: a white man came into hospital with a broken arm he sat in the A&E for at least an hour waiting for a doctor. An Asian boy was rushed into A&E by his parent he was suspected of meningitis and he was seen first. Whittington hospital accidents and emergency department are usually busy they try to see all patients within four hours of arrival in the emergency department.

However, waiting times can change suddenly if a seriously ill or severely injured person is brought in. If you attend with a problem that does not require emergency treatment, you may wait longer than those who are more seriously unwell.This is not being racism the hospital prioritized their patients on their conditions. Even though the men has a right to be seen by the doctor so does every body else that goes into hospital. This is known as positive discrimination. Whittington hospital is bound by race relation act 2000 which gives all public authorities including the NHS a general duty to promote race equality. They do this by looking at the illness of the person and not the race.

Social worker Scenario: a neighbor is suspected something is wrong with he child next door due to the constant crying and then phone social services. The social worker is bound by confidentiality so it would be wrong if the social worker was to disclose information about who made the call on they would be breaching confidentiality and also my doing that it may causes an argument. Social workers are bounded by the codes of practice. The codes of practice are the first statutory codes of practice for social care workers and their employers. They provide a clear guide for all those who work in social care, setting out the standards of conduct workers and their employers should meet.

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