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Group Collaboration Software

In a typical organization for example <insert the name of the organization>, uses a Groupware Application software named as “e-integrate” which successfully manages the various integrations of data sharing among each other. The group collaboration software used is named as “e-communicate” which allows all the employees of the organization in accordance to their departmental rules and regulations. Advantages of Groupware Applications software: The advantages of group collaboration software can be attributed to effectively manage the resources like office employees and jobs.

The database containing all the records of the employees and the resources at use would make sure to fetch the right amount of detail for working with it when needed. The record also facilitates the requirement of efficient data storage and to maintain a standard practice for handling records. Another advantage would be to record every task done and to record large useful data of various transactions, issues and various exceptional situations which may be required as audit trail.

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The large data and its association would also assist the higher management for preparing MIS reports.

Automation also enables one to figure out the achievement of the set of objectives that the business is about to decide. The various business processes can be effectively managed and must be synchronized well for implementing the processes in action. The effective gain of the business processes can be measured only through the automation of business tasks. It efficiently keeps a record of every business objective and the process to execute in every way.

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The prime importance is the way the organization distributes data and knowledge among various resources mainly the human resources.

The way one views data depending on the right and privileges one possess, makes sure that all the various views are well regularized pertaining to correct use and safety of the data. The business objectives are recorded and the very data integration and sharing is done at a large scales Demerits of Office automation system: The primary disadvantages of office automation software’s is that it is too expensive to maintain and periodic updates are not possible at all times, the maintenance cost is high as concrete technical batch is required for getting the job done.

Another aspect is to take care of the evolution of the software which changes in the dynamic business environment. IITB. ac. in (2008) mentions that another demerit is the high dependence on such software makes it quite difficult to trust any human being on information and would derive all trust on the software which further may cripple the office operations on a case of disaster. Advantages of Group collaboration software: The group collaboration software makes it easy to communicate among peers and external business units.

The advantage would be to fetch communication and effectively obtain data for functioning in the tough business scenario. The group collaboration software also makes sure that all the various communication channels are maintained well for information distribution in a timely and correct manner so that one is able to fetch the right perspective for doing their job. The group collaboration software helps one to video conference with clients, suppliers, manufacturers and save a lot of time and money. They can forward samples, brochures and resource materials and lots more.

Large file sharing is made possible using such collaboration software which would enable one to fetch the detailed information about a particular decision (Hyperoffice. com, 2008). Large decision parameters would make sure that all the various domains of employees are catered to their information needs. Disadvantages of Group collaboration software: The biggest disadvantage of the group collaboration software is that the communication would always be dependent on such software use only and employees would neglect any form of human in person communication.

Although the company associated would cut costs but would fetch the mechanical way of taking care of communication aspects. Over dependence on the software would make sure that all the various communication mediums would not be trusted no more. A huge amount of dissatisfaction would prevail and would incorporate only transferring of data and messages through the electronic medium. The disaster recoveries schemes are often not taken care resulting in huge risk of data loss and thereby information loss in the process.

The disadvantage is the high degree of information sensitivity is high so several communications are often recorded and leads to disaster when the software collapses. The office automation and group collaboration software’s are used in Exxon Mobile security with an intention to fetch better methods to organize information for its effective storage and efficient retrieval techniques. The basic purpose for fetching the right direction towards handling information would be served for making a right journey.

On the other hand, the economy part of the automation software is quite weakening as the organization requires large scale investment, not only in one time installation but in periodic investments which require a lot of strategy in this direction. References/Bibliography Hyperoffice. com (2008). What is Group Collaboration Software? Retrieved 2, Nov 2008 from http://www. hyperoffice. com/hypermain/group_collaboration_software. cfm. IITB. ac. in (2008). Impact of Office Automation on Personal Health of the office goers. Retrieved 2, Nov 2008 from http://www. iitb. ac. in/archive/ggray/ggraypaper. pdf

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