Group Behavior and Processes Essay

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Group Behavior and Processes


Group behavior and processes in this paper is about a problem with a new low income government housing development and the illegal activities that have impacted the community in making the neighborhood unsafe. The author of this paper sees not only the different illegal groups behaviors as the problem in this scenario but also the behavior group that is supposed to be in charge of this low income government housing development as the problem also. This is the processes that the author of this paper would do to resolve a lot of these problems (Peak, 2012).


First you have to use the local law enforcement agency to come into this neighborhood and having them do round the clock undercover and stakeouts. Having the local law enforcement agency identify and keep accurate records on the main problem persons in the drug, prostitution, and vandalism issues. Also have the law enforcement agency document thoroughly everyone involved in doing illegal activity at the local convenience store that is close by. Try to make active narcotic buys, prostitution buys, and finding the perpetrators in the vandalism problem and documenting them to make cases against each and every one in this small apartment unit neighborhood will help slow down and eventually alleviate the illegal activity in short order (Peak, 2012).

You also need to identify all the bureaucrats involved in working at the low income government housing project. Find out with an external audit who makes the decisions in approving applications to move into this government housing unit and why their rules were broken allowing those with criminal records to move into this small 58 apartment housing unit. Once the external audit has found culpability, replace those involved in breaking the rules. Re-evaluate each and every application of those residents who have criminal records and place them in a separate file from the law abiding residents in the units.. (Peak, 2012).


The local law enforcement agency can take one apartment over and have a senior law enforcement officer move into the apartment and take up residence. By having an officer live in the apartment unit would give the residents a sense of stability in their unstable world. Having this form of community policing will get needed intelligence from residents to help fight the crime in this apartment unit. While patrol officers are patrolling the neighborhood they should each make it a point to stop at the convenience store for coffee stops and spend time on foot patrol in the area. Field interviews should be done with the individuals just hanging out. Make it known that law enforcement is in the area to stay. Monthly meetings need to be put together with the bureaucrats at the low income housing agency and law enforcement agency to keep each other informed on what is going on with these apartment units (Peak, 2012).


I would assess the local law enforcement agency with how much help are they giving the low income government housing agency for all their low income housing units. The bureaucrats need to work together with the local law enforcement agency to eradicate the illegal activity. Once the local law enforcement agency has all the evidence they need to make cases, start the arrest process. When the arrest process takes place, eviction notices needs to go out to those with criminal records at the same time in coordination with the arrests.

Once an apartment unit opens up the bureaucracy moves a new resident in with no criminal record and none on their children’s record. Every six months gradually going to once a year external audits need to assess the performance on the low income government housing agency to make sure the rules are being applied to make sure the safety of the residents are a priority (Peak, 2012).


Peak, J.K. (2012). _Justice Administration: Police, Courts and Corrections Management_ (7th ed.).

Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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