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Critical Evaluation of the Movie: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

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A critical evaluation of the movie entitled Les Miserables by Victor Hugo: A Marxist Criticism

What we see in movies are somewhat agreat influence on how we see people,varying from different cultures and beliefs. The movie Les Miserables shows us thatlove and compassion are the most significant endowments one individual can giveanother and that continually showing these characteristics ought to be the mostsignificant goals in life.

Les Miserables is afrench historical novel written by VictorHugo in 1862. Thought about probably one of the best novels of the 19th century.

Ithas also been popularized through numerous adaptation of movies, theatrical shows,stage plays including a musical.

On this story, the author showed through JeanValjean, that there is more than right and wrong, that one can be agood one eventhough they have been sinned in their past and have proved themselves on whatsociety sees as wrong. The purpose of this paper is to give you asummary, criticalevaluation, information and the conclusion on what the story of the movie tells about.

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A man named Jean Valjean was convicted for stealing aloaf of bread. He wasthen released after many years, but society prejudices him from work, shelter, foodbecause he is an ex-convict. He was then lost in achurch and meet Bishop Myriel thatoffered him food and shelter.

Though he stole silvers from the church and caught bythe authorities, he was still forgiven by the bishop. From that moment the priestchanged his life, also help him to live anew life and had become successful. Valjean owns acompany and also amayor of his town “Montreuil-Mer.

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Fantine,a worker of his company was discovered sending money to her illegitimate childnamed Cosette and was fired by ahigher positioned man. Left with no option, Fantinesells her hair, her teeth and even forced herself to be aprostitute. A customer of her isso abusive that made her violate the law, Javert then arrested her but Valjean, asamayor of their town insisted not to arrest Fantine but instead, give her immediate carewith adoctor.

She soon died and Valjean felt guilty and pledged to take care of herdaughter. The story circulates about how Javert chasing Valjean, while Valjean is protectingCosette. They soon end up in arevolution which portrays the history of France. In therevolution, where also Cosette meets Marius -one of the rebels- and fell in love witheach other. Javert ended up as the prisoner of the rebels but Valjean releases himafterward.

All of the rebels were wiped out except Marius that got saved by Valjean,Javert then saw them but cannot arrest Valjean because he owes him his life andcommits suicide for he is guilty of himself. Marius and Cosette then got married. When Valjean was about to die, he explains how Cosette ‘smother died and even leftaletter for her. Jean Valjean as the main character in the film plays abig role in which we candifferentiate on how and why we judge our surroundings.

Dystopia is the type of thesociety which the french revolution ones are. The story tells about marxism whereasthere is ahigher position that dictates and the lower ones who forced themselves tofollow unjust rules. As aresult, their abuse triggered the lower economic class thatmade them become rebels from unjust rulers.

My evaluation is that people with higher social status has more power, while thepeople with lower social status were impotent and voiceless. The job of the legislaturehere was vital because of the time of reclamation from the recent end FrenchRevolution.

It was not easy for the government to restore the welfare of the Frenchpeople because of the existing rebellions. The economic status gets worst, and povertyin France increased. The rebels conducted protest and furious revolution due tothe failed government who does not cope up with problems and the sentiments of thesociety. Ihave mirrored on the social status in the revolutionary of France.

Ireflected and realized that the gap of high class and poverty, powerful and impotent,are quite far. And it is evident up to date. This huge separation causes massivediscrimination, conflicts, discouragement and exploitations. Thus, this film issurely suitable inspirational for the youngsters to be acatalyst of change.

Also, theywill become akey factor for the progress of the nation. Its lyrics and narrative theme point straight toward God’s grace, The love that hetruly gave, the pity that even on the sickening sin he still forgives, the mercy thatendures forever, and the sacrifice for us all. When Valjean made the move to helpFantine and rescue Cosette, Fantine tells him, “Good monsieur, you come from Godin heaven.


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