Group Essay Topics

Participant Groups

Describe the Problem – The local community has constantly experienced trouble from the activity of youth gangs that are usually at odds with one another. Their conflicts usually end up in violent riots at different public places such as the plaza, the park, and the children’s community playground. Although most of these events happen during… View Article

Jury and Group Think

A jury is a sworn group of citizens gathered to provide a reasonable and unbiased verdict and a finding of fact on a legal inquiry presented to them officially or set a penalty based on the evidences and the law. This practice is considered to have originated from England where nobles and freeman were accorded… View Article

Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member

To my diary and my friend, you already know that I am a white individual living in the Americas, having African ancestors. Just like my family, brothers at arms, friends as well as my ancestors, I am forced to migrate to another place because of reasons that I could barely tell nor imagine. Today, I… View Article

Group Pressure

Groups influence the behavior of their members, often promoting conformity. The tendency to match one’s behavior to that of others is called conformity. Some amount of group conformity provides a secure feeling of belonging; group pressure, however, can be considerable and sometimes unpleasant. Even groups of strangers can foster conformity, as a classic experiment by… View Article

Collaborate with the group

Unwrapping ISLLC Standard 1 with team Blue was a great experience. While it took some time for the team to all meet together, the group proved to be hard working, understanding, and compassionate. There were a few issues that came to the surface while working together, and the process seemed to be very valuable to… View Article

Group Response Techniques

Active student responding is a critical component of effective instruction in class room . One low tech strategy developed to facilitate active student responding during group instruction involves the use of response cards . Typically this approach involves the teacher asking questions during instruction and having each student write down his / her answers on… View Article

Peer Pressure

According to Took (2007), making decisions on your own is hard enough, but when other people get involved and try to pressure you one way or another it can be even harder. People who are your age, like your classmates, are called peers. When they try to influence how you act, to get you to… View Article

Implement Therapeutic Group Activities

WDP (Westminster drugs project) SU’s (service users) Participating in therapeutic group activities can benefit an individual’s identity, self-esteem and well-being in many different ways. For example during an open support group the chairs are set out in a circle and the service user will take a seat with his/her fellow SU’s and the group is… View Article

Groups and Teams

Recall a small team or group you have been a part of. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper about your experience. •Provide a brief description of the team or group. How many members did it include? What was its purpose? •Describe the behaviors the team or group exhibited as it went through each stage of… View Article

Group Engagement Exercise

The experience of this week’s Engagement Exercise made clear to me one idea that I am posting here as the hypothesis: Time and the need for joint efforts are absolutely necessary for the collective of individuals to become a group. Several people put together formally will never become a group, not to mention a team…. View Article

Group Concepts

Elements of an effective group. An effective group has several essential elements: – positive interdependence (group members are linked with each other and are aware of this connectedness, they feel that their personal success depends on group success and group success depends on their personal success); – two-way communication (exists when communication channels work in… View Article

Individual Reflective Report

Our group consisted of five members. As we did not know each other that well in the beginning one of the hardest tasks was to estimate how everyone’s attitude towards working in a team was like and how much effort every single member is going to put in our project. My role was to, first… View Article

Helsinki Watch Group

Often times throughout world history, and particularly the history of freedom movements, the cliche that life imitates art, and that art imitates life shows its face strongly. Two of the leaders of the dissent movement in the Soviet Union and its bloc countries/satellites just as easily could be merely characters in a play as well… View Article

New Enterprise Group

Bob Chen came from the oriental culture. He was born in Hong Kong. He came to Canada to study and was eventually given the opportunity to work in one of the largest public accounting firms in Canada, James-Williams. As most Orientals, he was quiet and soft-spoken. He was not a straightforward person. He does not… View Article

Cultural group

When someone belongs to a particular group, whether it’s an ethnic or cultural group, if he or she believes in it or acts and behaves according to the group’s standards, this is a definition for Cultural identity. It’s not a problem to have a cultural identity; rather, it is great to have one. However, when… View Article

Group Decision Making

Abstract Group decision making is imperative for deciding what action a group should take. This paper aims to define the process of group decision making and examine the discipline, theory, paradigm, and methodology that dominate approaches to group decision-making research. Furthermore, it provides an outline of the research’s perceptual process and endeavors to address an… View Article

Social group

This book, Ain’t No Makin’ It, shows the lives of the youth who are living in a neighborhood of low income earners. It shows that people are not poor because they are not ready to work, but it is because of various societal structural barriers that get them entrapped in poverty. The book is about… View Article

Sanlu Group

The entire world was recently disturbed by the extensive scandal involving imported and contaminated milk coming from China. One company, the Sanlu Group, is believed to be at the center of this milk scare, and it is even speculated that the company had knowledge of the scandal before it was reported (Indiatimes, 2008). Sampling of… View Article

Tuckman theory and difference between group and team

The number of stages a group has to run through may vary from different groups but according to Tuckman (1965), there are 4 stages in group development. In stage one, which is forming, each and every group members are curious about each and every of them. Group members will attempt to determine roles such as… View Article

Management and Group

Reliable, Planning and organizing, resourceful, capable of making sound decisions with her job, not widely affected by emotions •How can understanding stages of group development and group properties help employees in a work group function more effectively? As a manager, how would you help employees come to that understanding? Understanding the stages of group development… View Article

The controversal breed of dog “The Pit Bull”

The American Staffordshire Terrier (also known as Pit Bull) is believed to be a man-eating beast. But is this breed all it’s made out to be? The Pit Bull started in the Unites States; it has been developed since the early 1800’s as a result of crosses between the bulldogs of that time and game… View Article

Leadership. Big Five personality traits

After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Define leadership and contrast leadership and management. 2. Summarize the conclusions of trait theories of leadership. 3. Identify the central tenets and main limitations of behavioral theories. 4. Assess contingency theories of leadership by their level of support. 5. Compare and contrast charismatic and transformational… View Article

Interest groups and political parties

Although they both serve as linkage institutions, interest groups and political parties have different goals in politics. The fundamental goal of interest groups is to influence legislative decisions and public policy by attempting to focus people’s attention on these topics or educate them on a certain issue or a small group of issues. They do… View Article

Group Dynamics and Interaction

In Week One, you will choose a generic organization (manufacturing plant, hospital, etc.). Assume that you are a hired consultant for this organization. You have been asked by the president of the organization to prepare a background paper on the results of your research and to make recommendations to improve group productivity in the organization…. View Article

Brand as an Organisation

Iyengar .It is one of India’s largest industrial entities and it epitomizes Trust, Value and Services. Today there are over 30 companies in the TVS Group which employs more than 40000 people worldwide and a turnover in excess of USD 4 billion. TVS having a steady growth, expansion and diversification, commands its strong presence in… View Article

Swot of walt disney

The Walt Disney Company is a leading international entertainment and media enterprise founded in U.S. It operates five separate Disney segments: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, The Walt Disney Studios, Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive. Disney Media Networks is the most significant Walt Disney business segment. Disney products include television programs, books, magazines, musical… View Article

United Colors of Benetton

1. Benetton’s business in Italy is reaching market maturity. Benetton’s revenues (billings) from Italy had levelled out due to market saturation, increasing competition, growing amount of imported merchandise and a stagnant economy. It should be noted that majority of the Company’s revenue is generated from Italy. In fact, out of $78 million sales generated by… View Article

Discrimination Against Minority Groups

I am writing to express my grave concern over discrimination against minority groups in our society. Hong Kong is a multicultural and religiously diverse territory. By the way, there is still some conflicts exist between different religion. The minority always have an unfair treatment. Domestic helper is an example of it, the salary of them… View Article

Hidden treasure

In spite of the vast expanse of wilderness in this country, most Canadian children grow up in urban settings. In other words, they live in a world conceived, shaped and dominated by people. Even the farms located around cities and towns are carefully groomed and landscaped for human convenience. There’s nothing wrong with that, of… View Article

Team role

Good teamwork is essential to creating a successful practice. This is because good teamwork creates synergy – where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts. According Meredith Belbin, who is a British researcher and management theorist best known for his work on management teams, there were nine team… View Article