Ground Essay Topics

Finding a Middle Ground on the Iraqi Question

The issue as to whether or not American troops must leave Iraq in the soonest possible time has been the subject of intense debates from all sides of the political spectrum and American society since the war in Iraq reached its fourth year last month, notwithstanding a troop withdrawal bill that is now pending in… View Article

Seeds in Hard Ground

Ruth Rosenberg’s article, “Seeds in Hard Ground: Black Girlhood in The Bluest Eye,” offers a paradigm with which to view the growing-up process portrayed by Toni Morrison in her novel, The Bluest Eye. According to Rosenberg, Morrison’s novel is a landmark in literature because she has succeeded in portraying young, black American girls on their… View Article

The film Boorstin

Boorstin also says that, “Dissent is the great problem of America today.” That reminded me of the book that we read over the summer, The Lord of the Flies. Jack and Ralph show dissent by nearly killing each other, never finding a common ground on how to run the island, and they can never just… View Article