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Gross motor skills - graphs and charts

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (803 words)
Categories: Skills
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To record the gross motor skills of the year 2 children in the class using graphs and charts. I will evaluate my findings using the average development stage of children age 7. Setting The primary school, in which I am working, is situated on a campus with a sports centre; a community school and a 6th form college. It has 6 junior classes and 3 infant classes. There is a class room assistant and a teacher for each class.

On a Thursday and a Friday there are 2 students working in the infants. There are a various number of parent helpers visiting on different days of the week. In Mrs K’s class there are 7 year 2 girls, 5 year 2 boys and 16 year 1’s. I will be working with the year twos in this observation; this is only to make things easier for myself. In year 2 there are a range of abilities and many children are at different developmental stages. All the children I am working with are 7.

During today’s PE lesson I will take some year 2’s and ask them to do simple tasks, which will test their gross motor skills. As they complete the task I will count how many of the 10 children can complete the task fully, how many can do it with difficulty, who can almost do it and the children who cant do it at all. I will make notes on their age (if they are only just 7 or nearly 8) and sex. I think it will be interesting to find out how many children can complete all the tasks. Observation I will make notes during my observation, then copy it up into a written report, using graphs and charts to display my results. There will be two graphs for each task. The first graph will show how many of the children could complete the task successfully, and the second will show the gender of the children who completed the task.


During my observation I discovered that most of the children could complete the tasks asked by them. I asked the children to complete a list of simple physical tasks, (i.e. running skipping etc) I asked them to copy what I did and then repeat. I also asked them to play a simple game of ‘cat and mouse’. I noticed the children could play together with each other displaying feelings of competitiveness and a general display of tact within the game. I.e. Gary and James would be running away from Erica and they would split up and run behind her to escape being captured. The children can work with a great deal of co-ordination. I noticed that the girls were slightly more developed in my observation, more girls than boys could complete the tasks I asked. That is with exception, of using tactics, the boys were more competitive and planed to win using tactics and plans. The girls had a more of a “Handle it as it comes” attitude, a more hands on approach.

Learning for me The children all worked diffrently and on different levels. I learnt a lot from with class 1 / 2 K and this was a typical session. Everyone in the class has different view on things and even though there are definant social groups every one is friends with everyone else. The teachers and other staff need to practice anti-discriminatory and anti-bias practice. It is important to portray equal opportunities.

Children are to be treated equally but at the same time their personal needs need to be taken into consideration. In class 1 / 2 K there are friends who are in definite social groups then there are groups that inter-change and mix with the whole of the infant’s school. This observation points out how children can work together to the get tasks completed. They all work together to form a good team. It is a clear that the team works well; they all have roles to play. There’s the team leader Hannah, the quick thinker Erica and the “do-er” Lydia who always works hard to complete necessary tasks. Shannell is a hard worker and tries to fit in even if she doesn’t always understand.

I learnt to set up and clear away activities with the children’s help and how to encourage exploration of space and creativity. I managed to gain the children’s confidence and by helping them to reach their full potential. Evaluation Children that are 7 years old should be able to explore and express ideas their movements, form and space experiment. Use a variety of materials, tools and techniques comment on differences in others’ work, to help stimulate them you need to use and suggest ways of improving their own work. All of these things a 7 year old child should be able to do in PE, sports and creativity.

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