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Groom service

Groom service “and” return “the protagonist who deal with emotional problems occurred a terrible set of two short stories. These two stories are related to the acceptance, acknowledgment and recognition of common themes. In the” bridegroom services, “Berner Germany, the protagonist and his hunting skills, ability to survive, but did not dare to pursue his love. he tried to accept from Mary and her family. On the contrary, Kamau’s story “return” purposes, from accepting a village but detect changes that occur acceptances due to their family and character, the impact of internal and external forces established protagonist, Bernard and Kamau, ultimately not their ideal partner.

Bernard and Kamau were living in a poor neighborhood, every family adds an extra burden of the family. Bernard’s mother, Martha, is very strict, her daughter – in – law. Because Doris is nearly 40 years old, she would not have the energy to help with the housework. In addition, Martha is worried Doris gave birth family in old age. According Kamaus parents, Muthoni, Kamau’s wife, is always a good deal Kamau’s parents. Muthoni gave birth to a baby, left the family when Kamau detention camp. She chose to leave, because it is very difficult and tense her care and feeding of the baby is not her husband’s support and help. Therefore, whether the protagonist is lost, mainly because of their financial problems they want to partner. In the tough issues, people find their true love, because they should first prioritize their lives difficult.

The two protagonists are very different character in the pursuit of his love aspect. When Martha asked to leave Doris Bernard and Mary married, he immediately took action. Bernard’s relationship is since when he missed his partner so fragile.

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