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Grief and Children

Children are allowed to grief because they grow and develop through it. Parents and teachers have the responsibility for their care. Studies have manifest that when a child loses a loved one they suffer from the sad tragic and experience low self-esteem like when an individual loses their partner. It damages the child’s perception, it needs attention to be balanced by their caregiver. It is crucial for caregivers and adults to listen to their child and teens who experience grief.

It enables them to talk about their needs that should be met.

There are many ways to assist your child and teens that suffer grief. Adults have to be there of them to look up to and trust. The should feel like they can express their feelings besides feeling criticised and blamed because their already feel sensitive about it and it won’t help them. If they feel like crying the caregiver should support them rather saying you should be brave enough.

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Providing them safety and ways that make them feel secure will enable them to express their anger. Encouraging the child to look at things that belong to the deceased person like showing them pictures of them. Encouraging the child to remember something special that was a part of them, this will make them feel closer to them. Toys that are close to them or pets that they love and comforts them when they are grieving because it makes them feel calm and comforts them.

Taking the child to a bereavements group can assist them that their not the only ones who suffer from grief, it will make them realise it is a normal phrase everyone goes through.

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If it is suitable for a group then it should be fine. Drawing can help the child to express through creating a picture or anything that they can express their feelings. Reminding the child of special days of their loved one who has passed away, Such as, birthdays, fathers day, mothers day. Encouraging them to create or make something for them. When children develop over time it is important that they need to see the dead person again. They need to accept the sad tragedy of their loss as they grow and develop.

As a result, it assists the children and teens to: Should be informed what has happened with honesty. Reassuring them they are still cherished. They are allowed to say their goodbyes. Engaging in ritual and ceremony. Understanding them that what they feel is a normal thing to experience. They should be allowed to enjoy themselves. Express emotions. Encouraging them that there will be a time that their grief will fade, but they won’t forget the loved one that passed away.

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