Green Lantern and Mythology Essay

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Green Lantern and Mythology

Green lantern is a long running comic book series. The early years the story of a prophecy that had been handed to Abin sur, an alien, who eventually dies from fear of this prophecy and his ring is given to a human the first human from earth to possess a power ring. This prophecy comes to be in the series called blackest night. It is a tale of evil trying to take over the universe. Black Hand is main Black lantern when a person is killed there body basically becomes a zombie possessing a black power ring.

The green lantern corp is the original police forces of the universe there were created by a group of immortals that could be seen as gods possibly. The rings give normal beings great powers to create anything they can image with a solid light it is powered by their will power and lack of fear. But they are not the only heroes (lanterns) in the universe that is needed to stop this growing evil force. There is group for each of the colors of the spectrum. Each is powered by a different emotion.

Red is rage, orange is greed, and green is will, blue is hope, indigo is mostly compassion, and finally violet is love. To destroy a Black lantern takes more than one colored power. So they have to learn to work together and give over their own personal differences. This shows how many cultures have to work together. But in a way it shows that you can’t allow only one emotion to rule over you because it will lead possibly your doom, because in the story to face the evil lantern alone is definite doom and you will be consumed by the evil and become that which you had been fighting against.

It also shows that sometimes you just can’t do something’s alone that you need to rely on others to succeed. No matter how strong or smart you are that it can take more than one person to do the job right. I see it as a way of showing children that no matter how different we are, whether we are from different worlds or different countries no matter how different we look we can work together.

Kids now days are very interested in comics or the movies based on comics so these stories are becoming the new myths of our time. These people are the heroes our children look to for role models nowadays. In the movie Green Lantern it shows the determination to show that no matter what others think of you if you have the strenght and determination you can prove that you can be a hero or anything you set your mind to.

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