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Green Computing Research Project


Currently many organizations are depending upon the computing environment to manage the process within the work place and become stabilized across different market group. Although most of them are not aware how far the computing environment is impacting the outer area but still to fulfill the requirements it is very much essential for them to go for it. Keeping these things in mind, we have come up with a new project called “Green Computing Research Project” that mainly aims to improve the computing technology by guiding the organization through better approaches (Deepak, 2005).

This project mainly aims to enhance the work functionality by providing many new opportunities in the current market. By getting into this project, the organization will look into more software solutions to reduce energy, improving the performance and efficiency of data centers and focused towards green technology.


The project will drive each organization towards success path, but the only thing required is cooperation which will ensure a strong motivation for the project development team.

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As long as the teams support the development team, it will be easy for the organization to get more ideas and gain more techniques to create long term scenario for “Green Computing Research Project”. Secondly budget is needed timely to avoid any kind of discrepancy in the project development, in fact I will say if the project development has to be mother, it is necessary for all sponsors to look at the situation on regular basis (Stevens, 2002). Apart from that resourcing also plays vital role in deciding the play strategy for the project; a strong resource will take the best approach to make the project success at all possible points and draw the attention of each sponsors.

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As per the previous discussion, Ben is one of the sponsors for this project and the organization has selected Peter as the project manager.

Looking at the previous experience of Peter, it is quite obvious to say that Peter could take the opportunity and the five member team led by Peter will have the better scope to manage the vision of this project. It is responsibility of Peter to ensure the correct strategy is made for each resource and they are capable enough to take up the challenges ahead. Here under is official documentation of the project requirements: Stakeholders : Ben ( Sponsor), Peter James (Project Manager), Steve Arnold ( IT support), Kelly Adams ( Researcher ), Sherry Michaels ( Researcher), Antony Gabbot (Researcher), Mohamed (Publisher and researcher) , Amr ( Expert Editor).

Project Description:

The Main output is to produce are a serious of research reports –one of each green computing technologies listed earlier plus one final report including all data. Also formal project proposal will be demonstrated for the best four recommendations for implementing some of these technologies.


Working in virtual environment where the whole team works together from different locations. Since different stakeholders will have different views of the requirements, so it is a good idea to create a requirements traceability matrix to trace each developed feature back to the person, group or entity that requested it during the requirements gathering . Test cases and previous project references are used in this RTM. ET is abbreviation to Environmental Technologies program , and GP is abbreviation to Green Computing projects .

Questions for Sponsor:

For every development activities, sponsors play vital role because they have to provide complete support to take the project ahead and create better opportunities for all major stake holders. It may not be correct to say that sponsors always look for the success because their investment does not allow them to look for failure situation; based on that they try to find out the resources to lead the project activity. For “Green Computing Research Project” Ben has taken the major sponsors role, in that case peter has to approach with certain questions that will clarify all confusions between development team as well as the sponsors.

And also Peter must take few steps to go ahead with some proposal from the users because it will be benefitted for all those people who are fully dependent upon computing environment. The questions for sponsors are described below: What is expectation level from “Green Computing Research Project” Will you provide a complete support during any of the major disaster period Provide a complete description of your availability for this project What kind of priority you have for this project

How will you accept the project result and make it use for other stake holders
Will you facilitate proper problem solving skills
Scope Statement:

The project “Green Computing Research Project” will bear all necessary terms and conditions before being released to deliverable stage. We as in development expect the users will be facilitated with necessary information to take the project in right way so that there won’t be any kind of miss understanding (Kousholt, 2007). After the entire project aims to provide opportunities to all stake holders who are dependent upon the computing environment.

A. Deliverables:

A complete structured wise computing environment to stabilize the computing activities and provide better opportunities to grab new opportunities A fine technology where the organization can create the base to run the process Highly efficiency and compatible devices to take up the major load activities across all units Technical guidance along with other support to ensure the safe installation

B. Milestones:

Project approved—Jan 1st
Foundation poured—Jan 2nd
QC and other parallel activities- Jan15th-Jun16th
Final Inspection- May 16th-June 4th
C. Technical Requirements:
All stake holders must have complete knowledge about the project surrounding
Technical experts must be available for any emergency
Complete R&D support
Additional Training programs for the developer
Solid computing platform for conducting frequent test
D. Limits and Exclusions:
Team will be strict to the design as per the prior decision
Continuous support must be needed during any of the emergency
Measuring device will not be placed in the project
Development team reserves all rights to ask if anything goes beyond contract Project manager is responsible for entire quality measure
Working hours is limited From Mon-Fri 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM
E. Final Review:
CIO and Ben Organization will review four recommendations out of 20 projects. Proposal for recommended project Included documented researches, test cases, and Business case for each project.

Khazanchi, Deepak (2005). Patterns of Effective Project Management in Virtual Projects: An Exploratory Study. Project Management Institute. ISBN 9781930699830, Retrieved from: Martin,Stevens (2002). Project Management Pathways: Association for Project Management. APM Publishing Limited, 2002 ISBN 1-903494-01-X, Retrieved from: Bjarne, Kousholt (2007): Project Management: Theory and practice. Nyt Teknisk Forlag. ISBN 87-571-2603-8, Retrieved from:

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