Greek Mythology and Poseidon Essay

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Greek Mythology and Poseidon

Poseidon Poseidon or Posidon (Greek: ???????? ) is one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology. His main domain is the ocean, and he is called the “God of the Sea”. Additionally, he is referred to as “Earth-Shaker” due to his role in causing earthquakes, and has been called the “tamer of horses”. The name of the sea-god Nethuns in Etruscan was adopted in Latin for Neptune in Roman mythology; both were sea gods analogous to Poseidon.

Linear B tablets show that Poseidon was venerated at Pylos and Thebes in pre-Olympian Bronze Age Greece as a chief deity, but he was integrated into the Olympian gods as the brother of Zeus and Hades. There is a Homeric hymn to Poseidon, who was the protector of many Hellenic cities, although he lost the contest for Athens to Athena. Blasphemy! Injustice! Disrespect! These the disloyal Phaecians have committed against me And the laws of Olympus! Those sailors of my blessing have pampered Odysseus, My sworn enemy!

Those fools are proof that ignorant men can’t be trusted. I have taken blows from the greatest foes, But being betrayed by allies is far worse, And it makes my blood boil, my temper flare! To my kingdom of the sea I have brought you gods, To demand consent to unleash my fury on those awful mariners. It is the only option, for if I do not, I will lose my respect, Fall from power, and into the ranks of mortal peasants! My past of conflict has taught me that men yield only to pain, And ignore reasoning! So abandon pity and forgiveness, Let me attack that Phaecian cutter with might and fury!

Or send me to waste away in Hades! I called this meeting of the gods today Because I stand here as the lone soul among us Able to clearly see this… haughty, arrogant, vile king of Ithaca for who he really is. He blinded and mutilated my son! My son! The son of a god lay crippled, his wound still fresh, and blood still wet. And the brute dared mock him! Yet no punishments have been dealt. Even you, Pallas, the supposed goddess of wisdom Help a man so bold as to tease us!

The rest of you are worse, refusing to take any side at all! You despicable lot! Cowards! Scum! Won’t you help me seek justice? Why must you betray me now when I need help the most? Your cowardice will not be forgotten, And I will not allow any of you to tip-toe around this situation. Can’t you see? He shows us no respect and never will. No one is above the law, And he must be punished for what he has done, Just as anyone else would be for such a crime. Mark my words, I will get my revenge, And he will pay for his arrogance.

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