Greek Mythology and Mount Olympus

1.The twelve Olympian gods lived on Olympus.
2.Mount Olympus is the mountain on which the 12 gods built their home and were summoned by Zeus. 3.Mount Olympus is on the Greeks tallest mountain named mount Olympus for the gods home. 4.Poseidon- Greek god of the sea who was one of the most powerful of all of the gods in Greek mythology. He was one of the 12 Olympian gods and goddesses who held court on Mount Olympus. 5.Hephaestus- huh-fes’-tuhs

Aphrodite- af-roh-dy’-tee
Psyche- sy’-kee
Prometheus- proh-mee’-thee-uhs
Phaeton- fay’-uh-thuhn

Greek Gods And Goddesses
1.Hera’s husband was Zeus.
2.Demeter’s roman name is Ceres.
3.Dionysus rescued his mother from the underworld.

4.Echo’s name in Greek is Echo from the Greek word Eche or sound Ηχω. 5.Athena’s name in Greek was Pallas Athena or ANTHEIA Greek form Ανθεια. 6.Helen was the queen of the Greek and she was kidnapped by Paris the prince of troy and started the Trojan war. 7.The idea of the wooden horse was brought by Odysseus for the destruction of Troy.

8.Ulyssēs was Odysseus’s Latin name. After the Trojan war the city of troy was destroyed and its people enslaved.

Beasts and Creatures

1.Medusa is said that she had a hideous face and snakes in the place of her hair When people would look at her they would be turned to stone. Medusa was said to be a daughter of Ceto and Phorcys. It is said that Medusa and Poseidon were caught in Athena’s temple by Athena herself.

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Athena, enraged, turned her in to a gorgon and when you look her in the eye she turns you to stone.

2.The Minotaur was half man half bull, the Minotaur ate people, the Minotaur lived in a maze underground on the island of Crete. 3.The hydra was a 9 headed serpent with poisonous breath and blood and with replicating heads when cut off, the only way to kill it was to cut one head and burn the stumps till the last remaining head.

Mythology in Modern Society
1.Mentor Ohio was the city in Ohio that was named after the Greek time in mythology. 2.There are at least 32 cities in the U.S. named troy.
3.False, Mars is not a constellation.

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